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Abila, Tom – OH0085
Interview Date: 1978

Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: mixed neighborhood, Casey Jr. High, Goss-Grove area, Sacred Heart, prejudice, brick layer, rivalry with immigrants.

Ackland, Len – OH0991
Interview Date: 2000

Len Ackland, a journalist and journalism professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, talks about his career and more particularly, his involvement from the 1970s to 2000 in reporting about nuclear weapons in the United States. His writing covers scientific, … Continue reading

Acklin, Denzil – OH1098
Interview Date: 2002

People: Jennie Acklin Crawford, Violet Gardner, Dave Kerr, George Kupfner   Places: Superior, Industrial Mining Camp   Topics: Industrial Mining Camp, houses, boarding house, Morell farmhouse and barn, diagram showing layout of camp, fence built during mine strikes, 1938 flood … Continue reading

Acklin, Denzil and Jennie Acklin Crawford – OH1085
Interview Date: 2002

Denzil Acklin and his older sister Genevieve (Genny) Acklin Crawford grew up in the Industrial Mine camp in Superior, Colorado. Their father was a coal miner. They relate their experiences in this milieu, referring particularly to school, fun, family activities, … Continue reading

Adams, Chester – OH0253
Interview Date: 1985

Worked as cook in most of the major restaurants in Boulder.

Adams, Louise V. – OH1570
Interview Date: 2009

Louise Adams moved to the then-new Martin Acres subdivision in 1955. She describes living in Martin Acres in the 1950s and 1960s while raising a family, including the affordability and social make up of the neighborhood; nearby stores, parks and … Continue reading

Agnona, Silvia – OH2003
Interview Date: October 16, 2014

Silvia Agnona immigrated to the United States nine years ago from Italy (by way of Norway and Denmark, where she lived before coming to the United States). She describes the great variety of landscapes and the beauty of Italy, as … Continue reading

Ahrens, Robert – OH1805
Interview Date: 2012

Bob Ahrens describes his thirty-year career as a guidance counselor in the Boulder Valley School District, first at Baseline Junior High and later at Boulder High School. He discusses differences between providing counseling for junior high school students versus for … Continue reading

Aiken, Paul – oh1982
Interview Date: August 6, 2014

Paul Aiken, photo editor at the Daily Camera, shares his experiences and observations of the September 2013 flood in Boulder County.  He describes the challenges related to traveling in dangerous flood conditions in order to capture photos to publish in … Continue reading

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