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Alcorn, Miriam – oh0134
Interview Date: 1975

Places: Boulder   Topics: Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, DAR, PTA; University of Colorado; Mapleton School activities; Flagstaff Mountain; Depression; hospitals, women’s experience with childbirth.    

Alice and Ron Brace – OH1268
Interview Date: 2004

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: work in the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Rocky Flats Fire Department from 1993, security procedures at Rocky Flats, pride of workers in their work, the union at Rocky Flats, challenges … Continue reading

Allan, Sheldon – OH0891
Interview Date: 1997

Topics: Canfield, Erie,Crackerjack Mine in Marshall, collecting buffalo bones for neatsfoot oil, mayor of Erie 1950-1957, floods in Erie, Tanaka family, Daniel Allan, Frances Sheldon Allan  

Allen, Leah Clatworthy – OH 0090
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Fort Morgan in 1890s; farm life; childhood games; schools, sorority life at University of Colorado, 1914; holiday celebrations; family’s involvement in town planning, women’s organizations; recreation.

Allen, Lila C. Crosson and Hazel Wilson Henson – OH0132
Interview Date: 1976

Lila and Hazel speak about Yampa Valley in the 1890s, women’s roles in 1900s along with  schooling, parental restrictions, the changes of women’s suffrage, and social activities.  

Allen, Lila C. Crosson and Phillips, Lewis – oh0133
Interview Date: 1976

Places:  Yampa Valley, Colorado   Topics:  Women in Colorado    

Altermatt, Steve – OH1598
Interview Date: 2009

Steve Altermatt began living in the Martin Acres neighborhood in 1987 and is intimately familiar with the history of the neighborhood and its housing stock because of his profession as a realtor, in which he has specialized in properties in … Continue reading

Altman, Samuel – OH0366
Interview Date: 1987

People: Samuel Altman.   Places: Boulder, Caribou.   Topics: University Hill School; State Preparatory School, Flag Rush Days; Seventh Day Adventists; Great Depression; stamp mill, preparing gold for mill; Cloverleaf Creamery; hauling ice; lightning rod business.  

Alvarez, Teresa – OH0086
Interview Date: 1977

Teresa Alvarez speaks about Boulder’s Chicano Community in the early 20th century. She details her experiences involving Mount St. Gertrude Academy, Memorial Hospital, the town of Lafayette, her miner husband, and Sacred Heart School.

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