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Alvarez, Virginia – oh1875
Interview Date: July 31, 2013

The interview begins by covering Virginia Alvarez’s early life in northeast Boulder County where her parents were farm workers. Her parents moved to Boulder County from Mexico in 1929, before Virginia was born in 1942. When she was a child, … Continue reading

Amicarella, Effie – OH0428
Interview Date: 1989

Places: Lafayette. Topics: library, town, churches, Wednesday Study Club, Camp Fire Girls, Historical Society, Miner’s Museum.  

Amicarella, Lawrence – OH0007
Interview Date: 1978

Lafayette coal mining: Columbine Mine, Roche, United Mine Workers, Columbine accident in 1946, massacre, Eagle, highway, Morrison, Lincoln, Clayton, Washington, Newcastle explosion   geological surveys   Colorado Midland railroad   1910 strike   Ku Klux Klan   Chicanos in mines … Continue reading

Anderson, A.A. “Brownie” with Sam Speas – OH0822
Interview Date: 1963

Railroading in South Park, Como    

Anderson, A.A. “Brownie” with Tom Gibbony – OH0826
Interview Date: 1963

Como: railroading in South Park; engines #74 and #70.  

Anderson, A.A. “Brownie” with Tom Gibbony – OH0827
Interview Date: 1963

Como: railroading in South Park.    

Anderson, Catharine – OH0265
Interview Date: 1985

Early life in Boulder; Navy nurse in World War I.    

Anderson, Chet – OH1764
Interview Date: 2012

Chet Anderson, a Boulder native, has been farming for 30 years and is one of the founders of the 13th Street Boulder County Farmers’ Market. The market has grown since its beginning in 1987 when it included only seven farmers, … Continue reading

Anderson, Gertrude Louise DeBacker – OH0135
Interview Date: 1977

Places:  East Boulder County, Boulder   Topics: Farm life near Boulder; old washing machine, iron, bread baking, butter making, Temple Bakery, meat preserving; school house on 75th; dating; beet farming; wheat threshing; Community Club; Valmont Church; Women’s Missionary Society; Andersons; 1915 … Continue reading

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