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Anderson, Sue – OH1696
Interview Date: 2011

Sue Anderson, a member and past president of two League of Women Voters chapters, including the Boulder County League, discusses a wide array of subjects pertaining to the League, ranging from its role as an organization that provides intellectual stimulation … Continue reading

Andrew Steele – OH0035
Interview Date: 1978

Topics include: Homesteading near Lyons; Left Hand water and ditch; Altona Grange; Longmont-Ryssby area; Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company; Open Space Comprehensive Plan; agriculture; the Depression; and W.P.A.

Andrew, (Frances) Elaine M. and Lynn Andrew – OH1416
Interview Date: 2006

Includes 9 videographed photographs of the Madison and Andrew families and Hygiene and Burlington buildings: 1.Henson Madison and his brother James. — 2.Burlington schoolhouse. — 3.James Madison (who died in 1917). — 4.Hygiene Church. — 5.Hygiene House (TB sanitarium). — … Continue reading

Ann L. Thron – OH0423
Interview Date: 1989

This interview focuses on the history of the Organization of Friends Meeting Group. Topics in include: schooling; ministry; Peace Committee activities (clothing drives for family in Tennessee); peace march during Vietnam War; sponsoring refugees, 1960s; and the building of the … Continue reading

Anspach, Dee – OH0863
Interview Date: 1996

People: Ham Roberts, Glen Anspach   Places: Lafayette   Topics: Lafayette since 1965, Anspach Jewelry, Jon Romero Shoe Repair, house at 301 W. Cleveland (built in 1903), Pillar of Fire kindergarten, Lafayette Elementary School, Lafayette Days, entertainment, Christmas, library, theater, … Continue reading

Anuta, Barbara – OH1519
Interview Date: 2008

Topics: Belle Bonfils Blood Bank, Elections Department in the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, League of Women Voters, Pacesetters Award in 1996 for Community Service, re-organization of the Chautauqua Board of Directors in the mid-1970s, work at Boulder Community Hospital … Continue reading

Anuta, Karl – OH0923
Interview Date: 1998

People: Karl Anuta, Prissy Bauer, Joyce Davies, Terry Gallagher, Jim Williams   Places: Mapleton Historic District, Floral Park (“Red Square”) in Boulder   Topics: Certified Local Government (CLG), Historic Boulder, Historic Preservation Advisory Board (HPAB), oil and gas in Boulder … Continue reading

Anuta, Karl F. – OH1520
Interview Date: 2008

Boulder Council of Churches. Boulder County Landmarks Board. Boulder History Museum. Boulder Landmarks Board. City of Boulder Landmarks Ordinance. Designation of Mapleton Hill as Landmark District. Development of Pearl Street Mall. Historic Boulder (founding, Highland School Building, Boulder Theater). Legal … Continue reading

Appel, Merylee – OH1223
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center (family planning, abortion, other services, Boulder Valley Health Center as employer, need for stability of medical staff, changes in organization of departments at the center, sliding-scale fees for low-income women, emphasis … Continue reading

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