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Aragon, Virginia – OH1492
Interview Date: February 6, 2008

Virginia Aragon has a conservation easement with the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks department. In this interview, Virginia describes growing up on ranches owned by her parents, Kingdon Karlisle Parsons and Marion Parsons, on South Boulder Road and later … Continue reading

Aranda, Elena – OH1887
Interview Date: August 12, 2013

Elena Aranda runs the Compañeras program at El Centro AMISTAD in Boulder, which helps to empower immigrant women. She describes the activities of her program, including nutritional, health, and English classes, and the history of AMISTAD’s founding. She was born … Continue reading

Arbuthnot, Wayne – OH0412
Interview Date: 1988

People: Wayne Arbuthnot, August Behrmann, Peter Haldi, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Niwot.   Subjects: family, Batchelder and Bader schools, Table Mountain Ditch, Affolter cabin, Likens Canyon, 1913 snow storm, Indian anecdotes, Haystack Golf Course, J. D. Long Seed Company, cement silos.  

Ardourel, Grace M. – OH0719
Interview Date: 1995

Louisville, mines, strike of 1914, Boulder, University Hill neighborhood, dances, Plymouth, DeSoto dealership in 1930s, businesses in Boulder, roller rink, Redman Hall, Interurban, Joe Ardourel, Valentine family.    

Armstead, Wanda Burch – OH0646
Interview Date: 1993

People: Brand family, Seth and Roy Armstead.   Places: Hygiene, Old Prague Inn, Lee Hill School, Boulder Business College.   Subjects: 1912 coal miner’s strike, 1913 snow storm, 1918 influenza epidemic, dances, 1912 Ford, Armstead Paint and Body Shop, Pow Wow.  

Armstrong, Baker – OH0234
Interview Date: 1984

Rocky Mountain Climbers Club; Brainard Lake.  

Army Helicopter Evacuations (Flood of 2013) – OH1975
Interview Date: 13 June 2014

Army helicopter pilots and crew members from Fort Carson who took part in the evacuation mission during the Boulder flood in 2013 speak with KGNU’s Richard Kiefer. They describe the equipment used, the conditions under which the evacuations took place, … Continue reading

Arndt, Arlyne – OH1132
Interview Date: 2003

People: Robert Gruen, William Emil Peter Arndt, Warren Gruen   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder Sanitarium, houses lived in by the Gruen and Arndt families, career as a piano accompanist, restaurants and stores on Pearl Street in the 1940s, first … Continue reading

Arndt, William E. – OH1561
Interview Date: 2009

In this wide-ranging interview William Arndt discusses many aspects of the history and functioning of the First United Methodist Church of Boulder, especially the church’s music programs, architectural history, and sense of community. He describes the upheaval that the congregation … Continue reading

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