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Bowers, James M. – OH1058
Interview Date: 2002

People: Bob Turner, Bob Quinlan, Ted Tedesco   Places: Boulder   Topics: City of Boulder Planning Department in 1960s, commercial development, Crossroads Shopping Center, Pearl Street Mall, zoning, retail strip development, Board of Adjustment, Spokes of the Wheel concept of … Continue reading

Bowers, James M. – OH1572
Interview Date: 2009

Jim Bowers, former planning director (1966-1967) and city council person (1967-1971) speaks about his time in both of these positiions. This period was marked by riots stemming from opposition to the Vietnam War and changes in the social and political … Continue reading

Bowker, Hans – OH1429
Interview Date: 2006

ABSTRACT: Hans Bowker recounts his life in Colorado, from being a CU student during the Vietnam War, to working on a farm, and starting his business, Event Construction, which provided the infrastructure for such local events as the Coors Classic … Continue reading

Boyd, Bob – OH0950
Interview Date: 1999

People: Donovan Boyd, Frank Boyd, James Hamilton Boyd, Margaret Boyd, Mary Boyd, Dr. Warren Gilbert, George Kirkbride   Places: Boulder (510 Maxwell Street, 953 11th Street), Gold Hill   Subjects: Gold Hill in the 1930s, Gold Hill school, sledding Lickskillet … Continue reading

Boyle, Clyde – OH0484
Interview Date: 1990

Boulder since 1935: gold mining: Gold Hill, Salina Mill; Slick Mines, Inc., Consolidated Caribou Mines; radioactive material; coal.    

Bozak, Trisha – OH1224
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center   Subjects: childhood years including teenage years in Turkey, education in nursing and nurse midwifery, health care jobs in Boulder prior to working at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, job as supervisor of … Continue reading

Brad, Candace and Brad, Louis – oh1773
Interview Date: November 13, 2010

When Candace and Louis Brad were evacuated from their home in the Boulder County foothills due to the Fourmile Canyon Fire of 2010, it was the fourth evacuation they had experienced. In this recording that was used in the making … Continue reading

Bradfield, Robert M. – OH1549
Interview Date: 2009

Bob Bradfield talks about his life in Boulder from the age of three in 1927. Topics include the Bradfield Lumber Company, his participation in the Rotary service club, being a Cub Scout and Boy Scout master, a description of what … Continue reading

Bradley, Anne Hurlburt – OH0477
Interview Date: 1989

People: Anne Hurlburt Bradley. Places: Boulder, Denver. Subjects: Community, Nomad, and Stage Door theaters; Boulder Methadone Clinic, drugs in Boulder, Elitch’s.  

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