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Burt, Betty France – OH0895
Interview Date: 1997

People: Larry (Lawrence) Burt, Mr. Coleman, leader of organic beef association, Lillian Gish, Dr. Horace Tureman, Dr. Hyslop, Hugh McMillen, Randall Spicer   Places: Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Eads, Saguache   Topics: Broomfield cultural activities and development, Chapel of Holy Comforter … Continue reading

Burt, Carol M. – OH1366
Interview Date: 2005

ABSTRACT: Carol Burt has worked at the Boulder Reservoir for 47 of its 50 years of operation. In this interview, she discusses her various jobs there, such as working at the concession stand and with the waterskiing school; living at … Continue reading

Burt, Larry – OH0887
Interview Date: 1997

People: Father Harvey Burt: superintendent of the Boulder Canyon hydroelectric plant from 1913-1922, Mrs. Revell: midwife, Zang family of Broomfield, Joe Huddart: lumber company owner in Broomfield   Places: Eisenhower, Caribou, Nederland, Ward, Kassler Lake, Broomfield Heights   Topics: building … Continue reading

Burt, Lawrence Strite – OH0905
Interview Date: 1997

People: John (Jack) Kossler, Mrs. Kossler (Jack’s mother), Roland Revel and Mrs. Revel, Walker family   Places: Boulder Canyon, Caribou town site, Kossler Lake, Kossler ranch in back of Lookout Mountain, Magnolia town site, Walker ranch   Subjects: Kossler-Walker School, … Continue reading

Bush, Maxine Goudge – OH0936
Interview Date: 1998

People: Annie Bennett Goudge, Edwin Goudge, Mary Malloy, Mrs. McClay, Nichols family   Places: Boulder, Gold Hill, Wall Street   Subjects: Bluebird Association, Bush’s Drive-In, Cornish immigrants, Double M Ranch, Gold Hill Club, Gold Hill Hotel, life in Gold Hill … Continue reading

Bush, Maxine Goudge – OH0983
Interview Date: 1999

People: Nicky, Shelly and Terry Bush, Annie Elizabeth Bennett, Edwin (Ned) David, Leona Livingston, and Wilbur Dewey Goudge; Edward Livingston; Mary Malloy; Jean Nichols Rapier   Places: Boulder, Gold Hill   Topics: family history, Gold Hill families, Gold Hill Hotel, … Continue reading

Bush, Robert L. and Ronny R. – OH1013
Interview Date: 2001

This interview focuses on Bush’s Drive-In: hours, food, innovations, practical jokes, interactions with Boulder High students, economics, and interactions with Hippies. The interview also talks about teenage life in the mid-‘50s to mid ’60s: fishing, football, music and dances. People discussed include: Harold Bush, Leo … Continue reading

Buttny, John – OH 1853
Interview Date: July 13, 2013

John Buttny, one of the founders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) chapter at the University of Colorado-Boulder campus in the late 1960s, describes founding the local SDS chapter in 1967; actions that the chapter undertook over the … Continue reading

Buxton, Robert A. – OH1807
Interview Date: 2012

Bob Buxton has worked as the grounds supervisor for Boulder County Parks and Open Space for 28 years. He discusses the way the department has changed in that time (for example, growing from fewer than 30 employees to more than … Continue reading

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