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Balkany, Caron – OH1256
Interview Date: 2004

People: Wes McKinley (foreman of the Rocky Flats Grand Jury), Governor Roy Romer, Representative David Skaggs, Ken Finberg (prosecutor for the Justice Department), Jon Lipsky (FBI agent), Mike Norton (U.S. Attorney for Colorado), Jacque Brever Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons … Continue reading

Ball, Betty – OH1233
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Topics: childhood experiences with civil rights issues, attending George Williams College on the South Side of Chicago in the 1960s, work at Hull House in Chicago, The Boulder Communication Center (alternative resource center for hippies and transients), … Continue reading

Ballard, Henry W. – OH1690
Interview Date: 2010

Henry Ballard describes his experiences during the Fourmile Fire in September 2010 when his garage burned down but his house and that of his neighbors were saved by firefighters. Ballard gives some history of the Sunshine area, then focuses on … Continue reading

Bang, Mr. – OH0341
Interview Date: 1987

Narrator moved to Boulder in 1986. Life in Saigon  

Banks, Virginia Forbess – OH0974
Interview Date: 2000

People: children and grandchildren of America Wilkes Forbess and Seborn Forbess.   Places: Hygiene, Longmont, (CO).   Topics:┬áVirginia Forbess was born March 7, 1911, in the Longmont Hospital. In 1873, her grandparents, Seborn and American Forbess came to the area … Continue reading

Barber, Elwood – OH0240
Interview Date: 1979

Supplemental material available in the OH file. Eldorado Springs Historical Society meeting on March 13, 1979. Forms part of the Eldorado Springs Historical Society collection.    

Barber, Elwood – OH0483
Interview Date: 1990

Eldorado Springs (1915-1930): animals, Shivington Mine, bootlegging, ice pond, sawmill.    

Barber, Mark M. – OH0063
Interview Date: 1959

People: Mark Barber, Jonas Barber,┬áHorace McGrew, Frank Fowler.   Places: Boulder, Eldorado Springs, Black Hawk, Golden.   Subjects: Grandfather, Jonas Barber, came in covered wagon in 1860, miner in Black Hawk; Indians in Wyoming; wagon train from Omaha to Denver … Continue reading

Barber: Merle Barber Garrett and Ruth Barber Marymee – OH0942
Interview Date: 1998

People: Ivy Baldwin, Carolyn, Charles, Elwood, Jonas, and Vira Ann (French) Barber, Thomas Jones   Places: Boulder, Eldorado Springs, Golden, Marshall   Topics: Barber cemetery; Barber family reunions; farming on the Barber Ranch (Rock House), dairy and poultry supplied to … Continue reading

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