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Blue, Mary K. – oh1176
Interview Date: 2003

Mary Blue has been active in community affairs in Boulder County for many years. ¬†After serving a term in the state legislature, she became a member of the RTD (Regional Transportation District) board of directors and, recently, the first chairwoman … Continue reading

Blue, Mary K. – oh1724
Interview Date: 2011

Mary Blue was a member of the Longmont League of Women Voters from the mid-1980s until 2003. She also has been active in local and state politics and served on the RTD board of directors, among other community involvements. In … Continue reading

Blum, Carl, Grace and Georgia – OH0597
Interview Date: 1992

VHS VIDEO only   Places: Magnolia Road, Old Boulder Canyon Road, Ute Trail.   Topics: Silver Spruce School, violin repair, Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, University of Colorado.  

Bninski, Carolyn – OH1234
Interview Date: 2003

ABSTRACT: Carolyn Bninski describes about her lifelong work in the areas of peace, social justice and environmental activism. She talks about the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, homelessness, globalization issues, coordinating the work of many different organizations so that … Continue reading

Bob Brady – OH1273
Interview Date: 2004

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: jobs at Rocky Flats from early 1950s to 1988, plant security force, process operator in building 81 (later 881) recycling enriched uranium, waste treatment plant, foreman of building 771, Dow Chemical … Continue reading

Bob Grigsby, 2005 – OH1325
Interview Date: 2005

Bob Grigsby talks about his military experience during World War II, including a description of the liberation of Dachau and a discussion of some of the realities of war. He also talks about his family history, including the family’s acquisition … Continue reading

Bob Haines – OH1250
Interview Date: 2004

DESCRIPTION People: John Gilbert Graham — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: WWII military service in the Pacific, work as fireman at Rocky Flats from 1953 to 1958 (pay level, strict work atmosphere, changes to the “fire barn”, … Continue reading

Bob McFarland, 2003 – OH1267
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION Supplemental material available in the OH file. People: none — Places: Boulder, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: 1975 initiative against nuclear power plants, concern about safety of nuclear power plants, 1980 campaign for U.S. congress as Citizens … Continue reading

Boccard, Victor – OH0900
Interview Date: 1997

People: Axel Nielsen, Colonel Ricketts, Don Descombes, Father DuPlan, Jerry Russell, Joe Mazzola, Ned Frey   Places: Broomfield   Topics: development, incorporation, school district, newspaper “Broomfield Star Builder”, parks, library, Great Western Reservoir.   Supplemental material available in OH file. … Continue reading

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