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Calkins, Dorothy – OH0956
Interview Date: 1999

People: Don Calkins, Fred Shaft, Julia Normanda Shaft, Mrs. Tyrer   Places: Caribou, Black Hawk, Nederland, Tungsten   Topics: family history, growing up in Nederland in 1920s and 1930s, recreation, schools, construction of Barker Dam, ice cutting at Barker Reservoir, … Continue reading

Calkins, Ken – OH1315
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bruce Owen Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics:  work at Rocky Flats from 1955 to 1989 (work as chemical engineer in plutonium processing, building superintendent of buildings 771 and 371), Rocky Flats compared to other chemical processing plants at … Continue reading

Callahan, Bill – OH1276
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder weather (weather forecasting and record keeping in the 1890’s and since then, weather patterns, drought, water restrictions, Big Thompson flood, 1894 flood in Boulder, wind, local and national weather records set by Boulder), global warming … Continue reading

Calvert, Rebecca B. – oh1839
Interview Date: March 11, 2013

Rebecca Bennet Calvert describes the life of her mother, Mabel Downer Bennet Durning, who had a passion for the history of Allenspark and created an extensive historical collection about Allenspark that comprises 14 boxes of materials, archived at the Carnegie … Continue reading

Cameron, David A. – OH1467
Interview Date: 2006

Belgian horses (keeping, training, raising, working, hitching). Demonstration of harnessing draft horses. Demonstration of plowing with horses. Draft horses (as hobby, breeds). Equipment (plow, plow point, hay bailer, mower, thresher, grain binder, collars and harnesses, rake, cultivator, disk, harrow, grain … Continue reading

Campbell, Gail – OH0492
Interview Date: 1990

People: Gail Campbell, Gallaghers.   Places: Boulder,  Rocky Flats.   Subjects: Whittier, Casey Schools; CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps); traffic lights, courthouse and Flagstaff Mountain fires, oil wells.  

Campbell, Martha and Marie – OH1820
Interview Date: 2012

Twin sisters Martha and Marie Campbell have lived in Boulder and been members of the First Presbyterian Church since 1930, when they moved to Boulder at the age of four. They talk about starting and maintaining the church library; maintaining … Continue reading

Campbell, Rosemary Coughlin – OH1768
Interview Date: 2012

Boulder native Rosemary Campbell discusses growing up on a Boulder farm during the 1940s and 1950s. Her education began at a country school and progressed to Casey Junior High and Boulder High; she recalls cultural differences such as playing softball … Continue reading

Caplan, Gerald A. – OH1455
Interview Date: 2007

Gerry Caplan discusses his long career as an attorney in Colorado, including his development of the specialty of school law, his firm’s representation of dozens of school districts, his role in Lujan v. Colorado State Board of Education (which dealt … Continue reading

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