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Conroe, Harold – OH0802
Interview Date: 1996

Places: Erie   Topics: : Depression dust bowl conditions in Southeast Colorado, Erie schools, town government, churches.  

Convertito, Richard – OH1782
Interview Date: 2012

Richard Convertito, the first prepared food vendor at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market, speaks about his business, Amaizing Corn Tamales. He describes the process involved in preparing and selling the tamales, the number of markets he and his team serve, … Continue reading

Cook, Carey F. – OH0270
Interview Date: 1985

History of Silver Lake Ditch.    

Cook, Kay and Burger, Douglas – OH1906
Interview Date: December 18, 2013

Kay Cook and Doug Burger relate their experiences during the 2013 Boulder flood. Kay and Doug were living in the small mountain community of Salina, Colorado, at the time. They describe the way their experience of the flood unfolded as … Continue reading

Cook, Robert Lee – OH0875
Interview Date: 1996

Places: Colorado Springs, CO; Rush, CO; Boulder, CO; Cripple Creek, CO; Copper Rock, CO; Broadmore Hotel; Victor, CO; Broomfield, CO; Gregory Canyon   People: Chris Tovani; Dr. Norlin, president of C.U.; Leonard Wittemyer; George Reynolds; Aileen Fisher; Iciminda Yockey; Peter … Continue reading

Cooper, Ann – OH1274
Interview Date: 2004

People: Tom Koby, Brenda Lyle, Josie Heath, Phyllis Katz, Wanda James   Places: Boulder   Topics: People’s Clinic (San Juan del Centro satellite clinic, Hmong community), United Black Women of Boulder Valley, Minority Issues Coalition (racial profiling by police, mentorship … Continue reading

Cora Gardner Brown – OH0093
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Homesteading near Sterling in 1907, teaching, restrictions on girls and women, painting lessons from Mabel Torrey, and marriage

Cordova, Augustine Elizeo – oh1874
Interview Date: July 31, 2013

Augustine Cordova is retired as a software programmer/engineer at IBM and is also a musician. His family, on both sides, is from New Mexico, but his parents moved to the San Luis Valley in Colorado, where he grew up. He … Continue reading

Corn, William M. and Rita – OH1785
Interview Date: 2012

Bill and Rita Corn have lived in Boulder since the 1960s, a time when the Jewish population of the city was much smaller than it is today (2012). Bill and Rita begin by describing their childhoods and what brought them … Continue reading

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