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Crawford, John P. (Crif) and Palmer, A.R. (Pete) – OH 1915
Interview Date: January 19, 1015

Crif Crawford and Pete Palmer, residents of the Frasier Meadows retirement community in Boulder, Colorado, present their findings of how and why the flood of September 2013 impacted the retirement community. Their unofficial investigation uncovers some unexpected information about the … Continue reading

Crawford, Peggy and Mary Dallas Swanson – OH0130
Interview Date: 1976

Mary Dallas Swanson reflects about life in a mining camp in the early 1900s,  boarding houses, recreation, and schooling. Peggy Crawford focuses on health care for women in San Juan region and her children.

Crawford, Sara Genevieve Acklin – OH0772
Interview Date: 1995

Jennie Acklin Crawford came to Superior as a seven year old with her family, her father a miner in the Industrial Mine. They moved into a small house in the Industrial Mine camp and she recounts the story of how … Continue reading

Crete Dever – OH0013
Interview Date: 1977

Topics include: Meeker Park, Longmont, covered wagon, Rowena, University Hill School (1905), State Preparatory School (1910).

Croley, Bert – OH0468
Interview Date: 1989

People: Bert Croley, Tyler family. Places: Boulder, Valmont. Subjects: 9th Street and Hawthorn, hauling milk, dairies: Watts-Hardy, Alba; types of milk, Co-op, dairy trucks; University of Colorado, highway department, old roads, streetcar lines, Interurban, railroad lines, pollution; ice skating, sledding, … Continue reading

Crossen Forest – OH0699
Interview Date: [undated]

Recorded for the KGNU radio program Western Yesterdays with Forest Crossen. Founding of Caribou — Church in Caribou — border ruffians of Kansas — Civil War. TOPICS Richards, John V. Watson, Pastor. Caribou (Colo.) History.

Crossen Forest – OH0759
Interview Date: [undated]

Recorded for the KGNU radio program Western Yesterdays with Forest Crossen. Moffat Road, Corona snowshed, 1927, work and life at Corona, steam locomotives, clothing, railroaders.

Crossen Forest – OH0845
Interview Date: [undated]

Recorded for the KGNU radio program, Western Yesterdays, with Forest Crossen. Supplemental material available in OH file. Crossen talking about David Moffat.

Crossen, Forest – OH0271
Interview Date: 1985

Supplemental material available in OH file. History of gold mining in Colorado; history of Boulder.  

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