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Crosslen, Jean – OH0251
Interview Date: 1985

Trip in covered wagon across mountains.    

Crowell, Mae Craig – OH0117
Interview Date: 1976

Mae Crowell talks about the Black community near Manzanola in 1915, farming, teaching, recreation, clubs, and marriage.

Crumpacker, Bonnie – OH1225
Interview Date: 2003

ABSTRACT: Bonnie Crumpacker describes the work of the Boulder Valley Clinic, where she was a volunteer for seven years. She also describes the political atmosphere of Boulder during the 1970s and her involvement with the Boulder Coalition for Reproductive Choice … Continue reading

Cummins, Leone and Alice Russell – OH0092
Interview Date: 1976

Leone Cummins and Alice Russel talk about Higbee history, boarding school in Canon City, Branson in the 1920s, courtship, marriage, community life in Branson, relationship with parents, and their childhood games.

Cunningham, Minnie Mae – OH0620
Interview Date: 1992

Supplemental material available in OH file.  

Curtis, Bly – OH0198
Interview Date: 1979

People: Bly Curtis.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: University of Colorado; city council; historic Derham-Lindgren House.  

Cushman, Amy – OH0436
Interview Date: 1989

Places: Niwot.   Topics: Born Niwot: alfalfa mills, Indians, Dawson Lake, Highland Ditch, Dunkards (Church of the Brethren), Ryssby, musicians, Grange, school, merchants, 1913 snow storm, Odd Fellows, Hotel, 4th of July, Christmas, cattle drives, Great Depression, sugar beets, Gypsies. … Continue reading

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