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Caranci, Raymond C. and Nadine H. – OH1618
Interview Date: 1995

Ray and Nadine Caranci talk about the history of the Zarini and Caranci families, members of which emigrated from Italy to Louisville, Colorado. Joseph Zarini, who immigrated here in 1872, may have been the first Italian immigrant to own land … Continue reading

Card, Robert – OH1393
Interview Date: 2005

Robert Card discusses the cleanup of the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant and site from his perspective of having been the CEO of Kaiser-Hill, the contractor that reduced the cleanup from a planned seventy years and $37 billion to an … Continue reading

Cardenas, Alfonso L. – OH1212
Interview Date: 2004

People: Richard B. Stuart (Rocky Flats worker with berylliosis and asbestosis), Dr. Lee Newman of National Jewish Hospital. Places: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant Subjects: work at Rocky Flats from 1957 to 1978, job as chemical operator at Rocky Flats, … Continue reading

Carlisle, Cindy – OH1564
Interview Date: 2009

Cindy Carlisle served as a Boulder City Councilperson for four years and a University of Colorado Regent for six years. She also campaigned, in 2008, to become a Colorado State Senator. In this interview she discusses all of these campaigns … Continue reading

Carlson, Oscar – OH1353
Interview Date: 2005

People: Oscar Carlson, George and Bertha Carlson   Places: Longmont, Galeton (Colorado), Byers (Colorado), Jordan, Pakistan, Minnesota   Topics: sale of farm land to Boulder County Parks and Open Space, childhood in Galeton, farming in Byers, college education, attempts to … Continue reading

Carlson, Vivian R. – OH1567
Interview Date: 2009

Vivian Carlson has lived in Boulder, in the Interurban subdivision , since 1947. In this interview she describes the Boulder of the late 1940s, including the location of roads and descriptions of stores at that time. She tells about the … Continue reading

Carpenter, M. Helen – OH0793
Interview Date: 1990

People: Clifford Huston, Byron “Whizzer” White   Places: Boulder, southern Colorado   Subjects: CU, National Institutional Teacher Placement Association, Rocky Mountain College Placement Association, IBM, women’s lib, only woman working in a man’s world.  

Carpenter, De Laris – OH 1149
Interview Date: 2001

People: Jamila Akilah Carpenter, James Carpenter, James Earl Carpenter II, Sylvester Laurence Collins, Sr., Betsy Mae Barnes Collins   Places: Boulder (Colorado), Jackson (Mississippi)   Topics: childhood, education, family life in the 1930s and 1940s in Mississippi, parents’ emphasis on … Continue reading

Carpenter, M. Helen – OH0327
Interview Date: 1986

Supplemental material available in OH file. air raid warden; return of GI’s to CU; Sewall and Farrand Halls; Denver Turnpike; M & M Ranch; Gold Hill; 86 years old; Chautauqua; movies, “Bird Man”; restoration; CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps); restaurant; CMF; … Continue reading

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