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Chautauqua group – OH0785
Interview Date: 1995

People: Chautauqua renters and cottage owners   Places: Boulder   Topics: anecdotes about Chautauqua.    

Chesebro, “Bud” – OH0968
Interview Date: 1999

Topics: World War II, serving in the Navy, battles in the Pacific, life at sea, taking on supplies, psychological effects of war, differences among men in coping, suicide at sea, burial at sea, separation of husbands and wives, life for … Continue reading

Chesebro, Laura E. – OH0246
Interview Date: 1980

People: Laura E. Chesebro.   Places: Eldorado Springs.   Subjects: Early cabins and other buildings in Eldorado Springs; Coal Creek Ditch, Community Ditch. Forms part of the Eldorado Springs Historical Society collection.  

Chesebro, Laura E. – OH0459
Interview Date: 1989

People: Laura E. Chesebro, Ivy Baldwin, Pansy Stockton, Roscoe Stockton, Mark Barber, Katherine Robinson, DeBaker, Will and Lou Blake, Dorothy Chesebro, Wanda Cox.   Places: Eldorado Springs.   Subjects: Community Ditch, Crags Hotel, Grandview Hotel, schools, teaching, cemetery.  

Chesebro, Russell “Bud” – OH0371
Interview Date: 1987

Topics: Maxwell Farm; ice house; Model T Ford; Washington School; Casey; Courthouse fire; CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) camp; Western States Cutlery; Poor Man, Slide, Wolf Tongue mines; flood; plumbing; police; dances; hippies; student protest 1969; relations with university; Pearl St. … Continue reading

Chesebro, Russell (Bud) – OH0731
Interview Date: 1995

Les Kelso (mortician), Mr. Bush (Albany Hotel), Harry Blackmar (furniture dealer), Mr. Dewalt (baggage express), Dick Blackmar (son of Harry), Dick Jones (Hussie Statio), Claude Reed (barber), John Valentine, Bureau of Standards, NCAR, Western States Cutlery, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), … Continue reading

Chicano Community in Boulder – OH0201
Interview Date: 1978

Radio Program discussing the Boulder Chicano Community Project.    

Chidlaw, Ben – OH1303
Interview Date: 2005

People: Baker Armstrong, Leighton Kor, Phil Danielson   Places: Boulder   Subjects: mountain climbing and rock climbing community in Boulder, Vetsville, housing at CU-Boulder in post-WWII period.  

Chidlaw, Gale – OH1304
Interview Date: 2005

People: Ben Chidlaw, Sr., Ben (Jr.), Peter Chidlaw, Margaret Chidlaw   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Vetsville, The Westerners, The Happy Hazels, recreational activities. Includes 1 videographed photograph of Gale and Ben Chidlaw’s fathers with Orville Wright.  

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