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Davies, Joyce A. – OH1415
Interview Date: 2006

People: Phyllis and Roger Olson, Margaret Hanson, Bob and Prissy Bowron, Jim Leach   Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder Planning Board, PLAN Boulder, first Boulder preservation ordinance (1974), meeting challenges to the preservation ordinance (2006), Historic Boulder (various types of … Continue reading

Davies, Joyce A. – OH1701
Interview Date: 2011

Joyce Davies discusses the history of her involvement with the League of Women Voters and how that involvement led her to join and lead other civic organizations. Joyce grew up near Providence, Rhode Island, went to college in Rhode Island, … Continue reading

Davies, Kenneth and Joyce – OH1569
Interview Date: 2009

Kenneth and Joyce Davies have been an active and enthusiastic part of the Boulder community since settling here in the 1950s. They have worked tirelessly through organizations such as the League of Women Voters, PLAN-Boulder, Historic Boulder, and the Boulder … Continue reading

Davis, Joel C. – OH1562
Interview Date: 2009

In 1965 Joel Davis, age 29, was the youngest person elected to the Boulder City Council up until that time. He served on the council for two years. In this interview he discusses the city climate at the time and … Continue reading

Davis, Lyle – OH1786
Interview Date: 2012

Lyle Davis, a founder of the original Alfalfa’s Market, was part of the committee that wrote the proposal for locating the Boulder County Farmers’ Market on 13th Street. The market opened in 1987 at that location. Mr. Lyle later bought … Continue reading

Dawson, Chris – OH0339
Interview Date: 1986

People: Chris Dawson.   Places: Crisman, Colo., Sugarloaf.   Subjects: dances, chickens, bobcats, 1913 snowstorm; taught one year at Crisman School.  

Dawson, Mildred Matilda Thayer and Dick Howard – OH0651
Interview Date: 1982

People: Mildred Dawson, Dick Dawson.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:  Boulder, 1940s – C.U. campus: dormitory life, dress codes, dogs, dances, married students, effects of World War II; The Hill and businesses; Coca-Cola in social life; Canyon Park Dance Hall. … Continue reading

De Andrea, James – OH0928
Interview Date: 1998

People: Louie Di Giallonardo, Senator Floyd Haskell Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: equipment and metallurgical operator, cleaning up contamination, health worries, medical benefits for retirees, tests administered under EG&G, differences between contractors, increase in nuclear waste, FBI raid, … Continue reading

Deans, Susan C. – OH1462
Interview Date: 2007

Boulder Daily Camera (editors and publishers of newspaper from the late 1970s on, change from afternoon to morning newspaper in 1981, changes in production equipment, technology, and newspaper layout). Effect of the Internet on newspaper publishing. Newspaper coverage of the … Continue reading

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