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Decman, Reuben with Frank Kelly, Alex Gordon, Oscar Johnston, Julius Hillyard, Joe Wagner, Julian F. McNamara, and Martha Coughlin – OH0868
Interview Date: 1969

People: Charlie Russell   Places: Great Falls (Montana)   Topics: remembrances of Charlie Russell.    

DeCoteau, Jerilyn – OH1243
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Subjects: decision to become a lawyer, American Indian issues (gender roles and sexist attitudes in the American Indian community, lack of education about American Indians in schools, Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota, American Indian land … Continue reading

DeGrazio, Bob – OH1286
Interview Date: 2004

People: John Epp (manager at Rocky Flats), Dominic Sanchini (manager at Rocky Flats), Frend John Miner (laboratory manager at Rocky Flats) Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: study of chemistry at University of Denver under the GI bill, work … Continue reading

Del Pizzo, Darlieen Moore – OH1638
Interview Date: 2010

In this interview, conducted by fourth-grade students from the Whittier Student Historians’ Club, Darleen Moore Del Pizzo describes going to kindergarten at Whittier Elementary School in 1940, when her teacher was Dorothy Anderson, whom she describes as one of the … Continue reading

Delamere, Alan – OH1902
Interview Date: December 19, 2011

Alan Delamere, retired Ball Aerospace engineer, talks with Richard Kiefer in an interview that was first broadcast on radio station KGNU’s program “A Public Affair.” Mr. Delamere discusses his two high-profile projects: the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE), a … Continue reading

Delier, Julia – OH0394
Interview Date: 1988

People: Julia Delier, Ivy Baldwin.   Places: Marshall, Eldorado Springs, Superior.   Topics: Great Depression, Industrial Mine, Highway Mine, Interurban Railroad, 1938 flood, Marshall smelter, baseball, bar.  

Dell’Apa, Edith – OH0930
Interview Date: 1998

People: Howard Higman, Joe and Mary Smiley, Colacci’s (restaurant in Louisville)   Places: Boulder, CU campus   Subjects: young married life, going to CU as older student in ’70s, campus demonstrations in ’70s, University Without Walls in Denver, first peer … Continue reading

DelPizzo, Nick A. – OH0002
Interview Date: 1976

Nick DelPizzo is a survivor of Monarch Mine #2 explosion in 1936. Supplementary material available at Carnegie Branch Library.

DelPizzo, Robert R. – OH1254
Interview Date: 2004

People: William S. Polkinghorne, Leonard Holman, Joe Campbell Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Louisville Subjects: work as lab technician at Rocky Flats, building 881 during 1959-1995, “cold side” versus “hot side”, job mobility at Rocky Flats, emissions spectroscopy, 1969 … Continue reading

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