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DeMayo, Eugene F. – OH1388
Interview Date: 2005

People: Adam Babich Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: work with Sierra Club to oppose fluidized bed and plutonium recovery incinerators at Rocky Flats, successful lawsuits alleging violation of environmental laws, information from FBI raid and leaked Grand Jury … Continue reading

Demmon, Dee – OH1801
Interview Date: 2012

Dee Demmon is a Boulder native. One hundred and two years old at the time of the interview, she reminisces briefly about her early life, including her father’s furniture store, Graham Furniture Company, and her first teaching job at Magnolia … Continue reading

Demmon, Elizabeth (Dee) Graham – OH0403
Interview Date: 1988

People: Elizabeth(Dee) Graham Demmon, Susie Lovelace, Scott Carpenter.   Places: Boulder,  Magnolia.   Topics: Graham Furniture Company, Sanitarium, tuberculosis, 1918 influenza, icebox, porches, housework, Interurban railroad, Mapleton School: army camp, North Side Junior High School, CCC camps.  

Demmon, Elizabeth – OH0144
Interview Date: 1975

Places:  Boulder Topics:  Boulder 1920s-1930s; family and social life; education in Boulder.    

Demmon, Elizabeth – OH1691
Interview Date: 2010

Dee Demmon, at the age of 100, was interviewed by students from Whittier Elementary School about her own elementary school years at Mapleton Elementary School. She recalls that the teachers and principal were very strict, which led to good behavior … Continue reading

Demmon, Irvin – OH0404
Interview Date: 1988

People: Irvin Demmon.   Places: Boulder, Salina, Gold Hill.   Topics: Born in Salina; Whittier School, University of Colorado; sledding, fishing, ice skating, circus, CU Buffs, Hygienic swimming pool, projectionist at Chautauqua, Magnolia School; schools: University Hill, Casey, Washington, Central, … Continue reading

Demmon, Irvin and Elizabeth (Dee) Graham – OH0541
Interview Date: 1991

People: Irvin Demmon, Elizabeth(Dee) Graham Demmon, William Arthur, James Hector, John Thompson, Helen Webb, Bolton family, White family.   Places: Boulder, Magnolia (Colo.), Salina (Colo.)   Subjects: Schools: Magnolia School — Fairview High School — White Rock School.  

Deno, William R. – OH1586
Interview Date: 2009

Architect Bill Deno, who has had a distinguished career as campus architect for the University of Colorado, Boulder, begins this interview by describing his previous, twenty-year career in the neon sign business. He then goes on to talk about living … Continue reading

Derjue, Rita – OH1963
Interview Date: 3 June 2014

Rita Derjue, a renowned artist, describes her art education—which took her to many countries in Europe and to Mexico—and names artists who were influential in her development. After moving to Colorado with her husband, Carle Zimmerman, she drew inspiration from … Continue reading

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