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DiCiero,George – OH0913
Interview Date: 1997

People: Paul Danish, David Skaggs   Places: Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville   Topics: economic development (growth vs. no growth), Northwest Parkway link, Interlocken, Storagetek, water issues (Rocky Flats fire, plutonium in Great Western Reservoir), annexation wars, Broomfield as an “island” … Continue reading

Dick Hicks, Mike Holubec and Red Southern – OH1277
Interview Date: 2004

People: Jack Murphy (County Commissioner), Peter Dominick (Colorado State Senator), Sylvia and Earl Knaus, Bill Heffington — Places: Niwot (Colorado)   Topics: history of Niwot’s volunteer fire department (training of volunteers, medical rescue duties, building the first firehouse, fighting various … Continue reading

Dickens, Jack – OH0987
Interview Date: 2000

People: Morris Coffin; John Henry Dickens, Will Dickens, William Henry Dickens, Jimmy Kanemoto, George MacIntosh, Ethel Hine Reeder   Places: Burlington, Dickens Court in Longmont, Lohr-MacIntosh homestead site, Longmont, Walden   Subjects: Dickens Opera House, family genealogy, Longmont businesses (Farmers’ … Continue reading

Dietze, Peter C. – OH1445
Interview Date: 2006

Amusing anecdotes about being City Attorney. City of Boulder Open Space (condemnation of land for open space, funding of open space). City planning (spokes of the wheel concept, development of Pearl Street Mall). Expansion of Boulder’s north-south roads. Jobs as … Continue reading

Diller, Sarah C. with Jean W. Hodges, Frank Kreith, Carol Olin and Jim Wolf – OH1418
Interview Date: 2006

DESCRIPTION People: Bill and Winnie Hutson, Ralph Peters, Jack Crouch, Anne Bradley, Ricky (Martha) Weiser, Logan Forester, Bill Kramer, Jim Sandoe   Places: Boulder   Topics: Nomad Theater, Nomad Players, community theater, Nomad directors, Nomad actors, plays performed at the … Continue reading

Dilley, Barbara – OH1335
Interview Date: 2005

People: Tom Hast, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Ram Das, Anne Waldman Places: Boulder Topics: Naropa University, founding of the school (as Naropa Institute) in 1974, initial Summer Institute programs, growth into a year-round program, names of early faculty participants, atmosphere of … Continue reading

Dinwiddie, Charles A. – OH1407
Interview Date: 2006

People: Scott Dinwiddie, Elizabeth Dinwiddie, Eric Benson, Hobart Wagener   Places: Boulder   Topics: First National Bank, Optimist Club, Junior Achievement, Republican Party in Boulder, First Methodist Church, Golden West, Arapahoe National Bank.  

Dinwiddie, Jean B. – OH1406
Interview Date: 2006

People: Betty Rowley, Noel Puzur   Places: Boulder   Topics: life in Boulder since 1965, Boulder Valley School District, Parent Teacher Councils, Columbine Elementary, Centennial Junior High, Boulder High School, Boulder Friends of International Students (BFIS), Economic Institute’s Friendship Family … Continue reading

Distel, Eva Cseh – OH0471
Interview Date: 1989

People:¬†Annie D. Morris, Gabor Cseh, J. Fred Brown, George Sweeney, Tel Ertl, Andrew Daly. Places:¬†Eldora, Nederland. Subjects: Eldora ski area: development of area.  

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