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Duncan, Erminda (Oli) – OH1862
Interview Date: July 18, 2013

Oli Duncan is a native of Longmont. Three of her grandparents were from New Mexico and one from Texas. They came to Boulder in the 1920s as sharecroppers. Her father was a coal miner, and was active in the union. … Continue reading

Dunn, Ruth Walker – OH0387
Interview Date: 1988

Supplemental material available in OH file. Walker family, raising horses, logging and sawmilling, homesteading, grain house, root cellar, smokehouse, Gregory Canyon, school near ranch, electricity, phone.    

Dunnagan, Helen D. – OH0848
Interview Date: 1996

People: Helen D. Dunnagan.   Places: Eldora. Boulder.   Subjects: Eldora, 1956 to present: Gold Miner Hotel as family residence, daily life.  

Durgin, Leslie – OH1559
Interview Date: 2009

Leslie Durgin served as a city council member and mayor of Boulder between 1989-1997. She was mayor during the building of the new NOAA/NIST facility, the JonBenét Ramsey murder, and the creation of the Youth Advisory Board. She discusses her … Continue reading

Durgin, Leslie – OH1244
Interview Date: 2003

People: Janet Beardsley   Places: Boulder   Subjects: childhood years and family background, political climate in Boulder and Colorado in the 1970s, nonprofit organizations with which she has worked, Colorado Coalition for Choice, need to resign from nonprofits while mayor … Continue reading

Durlin, Marty – OH1235
Interview Date: 2004

People: Steve Arrowsmith   Places: Boulder   Topics: community radio/public radio (history, financing), KGNU (history, programming, funding, values and politics, citizen participation, management, location of studios, bequest, video of program guide covers, planned expansion into Denver), media consolidation.    

Durning, Mabel Downer – OH0210
Interview Date: 1974

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. history of Allenspark read from the book “Historical Reminiscing about Allenspark” compiled by Mabel Durning.    

Durning, Mabel Downer – OH0211
Interview Date: 1974

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. Allenspark area; mountain summers; 1870s-1980s.      

Dusinberre, Edward – oh1934
Interview Date: 2012

Ed Dusinberre, violinist with the Takács String Quartet and a University of Colorado at Boulder music professor, speaks about the importance of music to the human experience for both individuals and communities. He delves into topics of understanding music, the … Continue reading

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