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Ed McNamara – OH1209
Interview Date: 2004

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: product engineering at Rocky Flats (Special Assembly Group that built prototype pits for nuclear weapons, testing of pits, documentation of procedures), 1969 fire, health and safety at Rocky Flats plant (exposure … Continue reading

Eddy, Harold and Margaret – OH0578
Interview Date: 1986

People: Harold Eddy, Margaret Eddy.   Places: Boulder, Davidson.   Subjects: US Forest Service, National Grange, Colorado State Grange, Boulder Valley Grange no. 131, hunting, square dancing, sugar beet farming.  

Edelstein, Joel – oh2015
Interview Date: March 18, 2015

Joel Edelstein describes his long involvement with radio station KGNU—as a volunteer producer, the station’s news director, and as a member and then chair of the board of directors. He talks about the evolution of the station from 1979 on, … Continue reading

Edgerton, Wanda – OH0150
Interview Date: 1978

Places: Tungsten; Jamestown; Nederland. Topics:  Life in mountain towns in the twentieth century.    

Edna Mae Hulstrom – OH0798
Interview Date: 1996

Broomfield — Lafayette — Longmont: neighborhood club, sex education, entertainment, dating, control of money, schools, early salaries and prices, food, menstruation, music in home, husband, school board, employment, holidays (4th of July, Christmas), Broomfield Bank.    

Edward A. Putzier – OH1203
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION People: Dr. Ed Martell (NCAR scientist) — Places: Los Alamos test site, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Building 71 at Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant — Subjects: protection from radioactivity and other dangers, “count room” to measure radiation, HEPA … Continue reading

Effie Gillaspie Cox – OH0120
Interview Date: 1976

Effie Cox describes life in Meeker through the early part of the 1900s. She goes into detail about timber, homestead, 1918 influenza, school, wells, Petrolite, square dances, farming, marriage, social life, and family relationships.

Egeland, Bernole R. – OH 1669
Interview Date: 2010

Mr. Egeland briefly describes his early years growing up in South Dakota and how he came to live in Colorado. The interview mainly focuses on Mr. Egeland’s recollections of the project to reface Barker Dam in 1946 to 1947. He … Continue reading

Eggleston, Lathan Charles – OH0896
Interview Date: 1997

Places: Boulder, Broomfield   Topics: Broomfield Telephone Co., Construction business in Boulder, “Corn Club” (4-H type organization), Farmers’ Irrigation Co., Interurban, Western States Cutlery, Westlake School (Broomfield).    

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