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Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1371
Interview Date: 2005

ABSTRACT: Retired University of Colorado math professor Robert Ellingwood talks about six aspects of life at CU-Boulder that take place outside of the classroom: the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, activities and exhibits in the Glenn Miller Ballroom, Commencement, Reunions, the CU … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1374
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bill Reynolds   Places: Boulder   Topics: railroads in Boulder, Boulder-Denver Turnpike, Longmont Diagonal, development of the Boulder scientific community from the 1950s to the 1970s (IBM, NBS, NOAA, NCAR), development of housing and businesses in south Boulder, businesses … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1410
Interview Date: 2006

People: Leroy Holubar   Places: Boulder, Boulder County, Indian Peaks, Brainard Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park   Topics: Boulder as center for rock and mountain climbing, Holubar Mountaineering, Neptune Mountaineering, painting of “CU” on Third Flatiron, rock climbs, hikes and … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1414
Interview Date: 2006

ABSTRACT: Robert Ellingwood discusses the settling of Longmont in the nineteenth century and its growth and development in the twentieth century. He describes the lives of his wife grandparents, Ben and Nellie Calkins, who were born in Longmont in the … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1420
Interview Date: 2006

ABSTRACT: Robert Ellingwood, who has been climbing in Colorado and elsewhere in the western United States since the age of 15 in 1933, relates the stories of six of his favorite mountaineering climbs. He also discusses climbing techniques, equipment, and … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1437
Interview Date: 2006

Childhood in Colorado Springs and Evanston, Illinois. Involvement with University Festival Chorus, University Artist Series, and guiding mountaineering trips for University summer session participants. Mountaineering trips in Colorado. Teaching applied mathematics at University of Colorado at Boulder from 1952 to … Continue reading

Ellingwood, Robert W. – OH1449
Interview Date: 2006

Video depicts and explains historic climbing equipment and materials. Albert R. Ellingwood (biography, education, academic career: political science and constitutional law, climbing expeditions and equipment, climbing companions, Colorado Mountain Club, first ascents, mountaineering notebooks). Early mountaineering in Colorado and the … Continue reading

Elliot, Stephan K. – OH1804
Interview Date: 2012

Steve Elliot was the catalyst in getting the KGNU radio station started. He describes its beginnings as a Community Free School class in 1972 and the travails of acquiring equipment, getting an FCC license, and the other organizational work that … Continue reading

Elliott, Dorothy Rose Hulstrom – OH0879
Interview Date: 1996

People: Hulstrom grandparents; Hixton Elliott; Edna Mae Hulstrom   Places: Longmont, CO; Broomfield, CO   Subjects: Denver General Hospital; Bal Swan Children’s Center; school for retarded children; birthdays; babies (care of); life in a tar paper shack.  

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