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Ellsberg, Daniel – OH1137
Interview Date: 2003

People: Dr. Thomas Mancuso (scientist who studied radiation effects), Marian Doub (17-year old protester), Nancy Doub (mother of Marian) Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: United States nuclear weapons arsenal, Ellsberg’s role in nuclear war plans, the so-called “missile … Continue reading

Ellsberg, Daniel – OH1530
Interview Date: 1998

This interview was recorded at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center during a weekend of activities commemorating the 1978 demonstrations at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant. Daniel Ellsberg is asked to explain his personal knowledge of U.S. military … Continue reading

Elofson, Paula Elofson-Gardine and Susan Elofson-Hurst – OH1457
Interview Date: 2007

Activism regarding safety of community surrounding Rocky Flats (government surveillance and harassment of them as activists, attending meetings and speaking out, materials written to educate the public and distributed to the media, Environmental Information Network, use and display of protest … Continue reading

Emanuel, Franklin – OH0627
Interview Date: 1993

People: Emanuel Franklin.   Places: Boulder, Louisville   Subjects: African-American neighborhood near Goss Street and Water Street, growing up as African-American in Boulder, one of only 2 African-Americans who desegregated Casey Jr. High School in 1938, Louisville had ordinance forbidding … Continue reading

Emigh, David – OH2045
Interview Date: May 15, 2015

This interview is part of a series about three football games known as the Hairy Bacon Bowl, which occurred during the early 1970s. Participants included University of Colorado students who identified with hippie culture and/or anti-war sentiment, versus campus and … Continue reading

Emmanuel, Jewell – OH1308
Interview Date: 2001

People: Katie Sanford Denton (1869-1970), Ellen Sanford (d. 1904), Llewellyn Denton Anderson, Harlow Platt, Charles Franklin (Frank) Emmanuel Jr.   Places: Barr Lake, Brighton, Boulder   Topics: Gun Club at Barr Lake, children of Katie Sanford Denton, Denton family’s move … Continue reading

Enright, Lucile M. – OH0448
Interview Date: 1989

People: Allen Lefferdink, William Casey.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects:Hospitals (Memorial and Community); Bluebirds; Boulder Country Club; Boulder Dance Club; KEG Club; Washington, North Side [Northside], Mapleton schools;  transportation; 1918 influenza; Hygienic Pool; Boulder-Denver Truck Company; Baseline Turkey Farm; Frasier … Continue reading

Ensz, Marguerite Treadway – OH0569
Interview Date: 1991

People: Marguerite Treadway Ensz. Places: Longmont, Boulder. Topics: Great West Sugar Factory, University of Colorado, commuter train (Interurban), family life, neighbors.  

Epp, George – OH1714
Interview Date: 2011

George Epp, who went on to become the sheriff of Boulder County, describes his elementary school days at Whittier Elementary School to student interviewers from the Whittier Student Historians’ Club. Topics include favorite subjects and teachers, recess activities, an amusing … Continue reading

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