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Fenton, Elsie Smith – OH0111
Interview Date: 1977

Elsie Fenton describes her journey to Colorado from Utah in 1893 in a covered wagon, childhood games, dances, farming, schooling, the Depression, Glenwood Springs, coal mining, labor troubles, Native Americans, New Castle, Marble, and Leadville.

Ferguson, David W. – OH1546
Interview Date: 2008

Dave Ferguson, the son, grandson, great-grandson and son-in-law of miners, describes, in vivid language, life in Louisville and in the mines and mining camps nearby from the 1920s to about the 1950s. He recalls his great-grandfather’s emigration from Scotland to … Continue reading

Fernie, Robert W. – OH0453
Interview Date: 1989

People: George Sager, Mr. McNally, Carlin brothers, Everett Long, Mr. Dolly, Mr. & Nellie Washburn, Ernie Ross, Ernie Betasso, Sam Craig, John Cochlin, Ms. Puddeyfoot.   Places: Switzerland Park, Loveland, Boulder Falls, Mont Alto, Glacier Lake, Silver Lake, Sugarloaf, Lakewood.   Topics: History, cars, … Continue reading

Ferraro, Alice Akre – OH0445
Interview Date: 1989

People: Alice Akre Ferraro.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Working at Boulder – Colorado Sanitarium — Nursing — Planned Parenthood, People’s Clinic, Jail Health Program, Boulder Community Hospital history — Seventh Day Adventist Church.  

Ferrera, Dominic and Rita – OH1624
Interview Date: 1995

This interview delves into the family and work history of the Ferrera and Rizzi families, including family members emigration from Italy, work in the mines, and WPA work done to make ends meet following the death of Dominic’s father. The … Continue reading

Ferris, Larry R. – OH0925
Interview Date: 1998

Places: Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapon Plant   Topics: photography at Rocky Flats, photography of 1969 fire, human resources under different contractors, strikes, morale under different contractors (Dow Chemical, Rockwell, EG&G), early retirements, lay-offs.    

Finger, Chris and Barb Finger – OH1809
Interview Date: 2012

Chris and Barb Finger ran the music program at First Presbyterian Church of Boulder from 1967 to about 1973. They talk about their vision for the program, which included using music as a vehicle for ministering to people spiritually, including … Continue reading

Finn, Barbara and Frank – OH0643
Interview Date: 1993

Places: Boulder, Gold Hill.   Subjects: Boulder since 1955, YMCA, Little League, Gold Hill Inn, Bluebird Hotel.  

Finn, Chris – OH1729
Interview Date: 2011

Chris Finn, who is the fire chief of the Gold Hill Volunteer Fire Department, as well as part owner of the Gold Hill Inn, speaks about his experiences during the Fourmile Canyon Fire. He was in Gold Hill during the … Continue reading

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