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Flarty, Russell – OH0531
Interview Date: 1990

People: Russell Flarty, Mrs. Puddifoot.   Places: Lakewood, Sunnyside.   Subjects: mines, tungsten, businesses, Depression; Lakewood School: teachers, students, courses; Primos Mill; Sunnyside: photographs (discussed in file), dances; Wolf Tongue and Conger Mines.  

Fleissig, Will – OH1046
Interview Date: 2001

Places: Boulder   Topics: zoning, affordable housing, need for it, specific affordable housing projects (Poplar Housing, Buena Vista, Drive-In Theater), mixed-use urban areas, Steel Yards Project, Crossroads Mall redevelopment, Pearl Street east and west of the pedestrian mall, North Boulder … Continue reading

Fletcher, Joe “Cotton” with Chelmar “Shine” Miller – OH0681
Interview Date: 1984

People: Jim Wise   Places: Erie   Topics: coal mines, children in mines, boarding houses, hotels, accidents, company stores; Columbine strike of 1927, Puritan Mine 1910-1914 strike, conditions in mines, wages, John Mitchell Day, riding box cars, bootlegging, Prohibition, early … Continue reading

Fletcher, William L. – OH1960
Interview Date: 12 April 2014

William Fletcher, a lifetime resident of Erie, Colorado, describes the town’s history since the early 1900s, focusing on the 1930s-1940s. He discusses his family, including anecdotes about growing up, going to school, and his father’s experience as a coal miner. … Continue reading

Fling, Roy – OH0485
Interview Date: 1990

Foster children 1913 snow storm McKenna Ranch (Ward) deputy sheriff hippies Camp Pawnee near Stapps Lakes (1950-1965) Alexander Dawson Foundation Berthoud Pass: avalanche,first aid, fire fighting 1989 Ward fire Art Everson (sheriff)    

Flood Rescuer Awards – oh1972
Interview Date: June 14, 2014

This is a recording of the Award Ceremony held at Boulder Municipal Airport on June 14, 2014 (8th Annual Airport Day) to celebrate Flood Rescue Operations during the Flood of September 2013.  A host of Boulder County and Colorado dignitaries … Continue reading

Flossie Allebaugh – OH0040
Interview Date: 1975

Sunset, stage coach; American Indians, Whittier School; McAllister Lumber; girlhood; miner’s wife. Listen to CD; view transcript, summary, and supplementary material at Carnegie Branch Library.

Foiles, Elba Leslie – OH0600
Interview Date: 1992

People: Elba Leslie Foiles. Places: Boulder since 1936.   Topics: railroad, Interurban wreck, hauled coal.  

Foley, Mary Jane – OH1338
Interview Date: 2005

People: W. W. Degge, Peter Leyner   Places: Boulder, North Boulder   Subjects: area south of Baseline in the 1940s (Martin’s Farm which later became Martin Acres, hunting on Toedli’s Ranch), change in names of Boulder streets from numbered avenues … Continue reading

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