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Forester, Annie – OH0497
Interview Date: 1990

People: Annie Forester, Franz Goebel.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of Associated Students of the University of Colorado Hiking Lodge: description of lodge.  

Forster, Nick – oh1905
Interview Date: 2012

Nick Forster, founder and host of the radio show eTown, talks about the program, which is produced in Boulder and broadcast on many public radio shows. He discusses the history of eTown, including its inception; how it got its name; … Continue reading

Forsyth, George P. – OH0801
Interview Date: 1996

People: George P. Forsyth, Josie Heath, Franny Reich, Tim Walters.   Places: Boulder, Gold Hill.   Subjects: Boulder: operating a dairy from 1918-1941 — duties of the County Treasurer — the Depression — St. Thomas Catholic Church – – Denver-Boulder … Continue reading

Forsythe, Lee and Don Spangler – OH0949
Interview Date: 1999

People: Walt and George Atkinson, J.J. Beasley family   Places: Niwot   Subjects: Niwot (blacksmiths, flour mills, grocery stores, depot, Buchert’s store, growth and development), ditches (North Boulder Farmers Ditch, Boulder & Left Hand Ditch, Holland Ditch, ditch rider responsibilities, … Continue reading

Foster, JoAnne – oh2018
Interview Date: May 5, 2015

JoAnne Foster tells many stories of her and her husband’s lives in Boulder. Her husband, Bob Foster, grew up in Boulder in the 1940s. She and Bob both worked for the Boulder Valley School District; Bob mainly as a coach … Continue reading

Fowler, Mabel – OH0890
Interview Date: 1996

Places: Eldorado Springs   People: Ivy Baldwin.   Subjects: famous visitors, pools, wildlife;  

Fox, Dick – OH1317
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: job as chief for Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Section of the Colorado Health Department, Jefferson County Health Department monitoring of air pollution sources at Rocky Flats, work at Rocky Flats from 1989 to … Continue reading

Franchini, Richard C. – OH0909
Interview Date: 1997

People: Art Benjamin (supervisor at Rocky Flats), Bud Venable (scientist at Rocky Flats)   Places: Louisville (house in 1000 block of Front Street), Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: coal mining, Monarch mine explosion, Rocky Flats (handling of plutonium, … Continue reading

Franklin, Walter B. (Pete) – OH0586
Interview Date: 1992

People: Pete Franklin, Frank Boggess, Charles Eagle Plume, Mary Ellen Price, Walter B. Franklin Sr.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: University Hill School — Chautauqua in the 1930s — University of Colorado in 1946:  Gamble Football Field, Franklin Field — … Continue reading

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