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Gallon, Zhenya – OH1761
Interview Date: 2011

Zhenya Gallon, a science editor and writer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, moved to Boulder more than thirty years ago. In this interview she describes her early spiritual life on the East Coast in terms of her family’s … Continue reading

Gamble, William – OH0217
Interview Date: 1982

People: William Gamble.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of Lincoln School, 1920s. Forms part of the Lincoln School Collection.  

Garcia, Anna and Ricardo – OH0088
Interview Date: 1977

Topics: Boulder’s Chicano community: C.U., Head Start, Follow Through, health benefits, bilingual education.

Garcia, Richard – OH1872
Interview Date: July 26, 2013

Richard Garcia, who is currently a part of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County and the Latino Task Force in Boulder County, is the founder and the executive director for the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition. He talks about growing up … Continue reading

Garcia, Shirley B. – OH1023
Interview Date: 2001

Places: Broomfield, Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics women at Rocky Flats, experience as one of first female chemical operators, workers playing sexual jokes, sexual harassment, radiation contamination, chemical contamination, solar ponds, decontamination, defective dosimeter badge, work conditions, learning procedures, … Continue reading

Garlington, Hazel Lee – OH0118-A
Interview Date: 1976

Hazel Garlington speaks about Trinidad-La Junta history 1890s, being a student at Colorado College, dorm life, and classes in 1910. She details her experience teaching kindergarten in La Junta, Colorado. She also talks about the women’s music club, social activities, … Continue reading

Gastineau, Janine E. – OH1568
Interview Date: 2009

Janine Gastineau worked as a volunteer in Boulder for the Campaign for Change, which sought to help Barack Obama win the 2008 presidential election. In this interview she details her own political background, the reasons she became involved in this … Continue reading

Gates, Catherine Long – OH1107
Interview Date: November 16, 2002

The interview includes information about the Long family since J.D. Long arrived in Colorado in 1898 and the experiences Catherine had growing up on the farm. She discusses the development and growth of the business from its start as a … Continue reading

Gawf, Ed – OH1045
Interview Date: 2001

People: Nolan Rosall, Susan Osborne, Gary Lacy, Paul Danish, Janet Roberts, Ruth Correll   Places: Boulder   Topics: Boulder Planning Department from 1974 to 1991, annexations (North Boulder, Gunbarrel), flood control, Boulder High area, Floodway Ordinance, Solar Access Ordinance, Danish … Continue reading

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