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Geis, Art – OH1318
Interview Date: 2005

Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics:  work in plutonium metallurgy at Rocky Flats from 1983 to 1989, work at Rocky Flats after the FBI raid (process management group working toward restart of the plant, facility manager of Buildings 559 … Continue reading

Gelwick, Clyde – OH0692
Interview Date: 1994

People: Clyde Gelwick, William Allison, Jack Bartholomew, Claude Bonham, Joseph S. Cowgill, John D. Gillaspie, Carl Gilman, Howard H. Heuston, Kayo Lam, Merle Lefferdink, Chris Martin, L. E.Maurer, Frank McClone, J. McDonald, Bill Saunders, John Sayer, Byron R. White.   … Continue reading

Gendill, Ernest – OH0414
Interview Date: 1988

People: Ernest Gendill.   Places: Walker Ranch.   Subjects: buildings, livestock.  

Gene Ideker – OH1173
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: jobs at Rocky Flats from 1968 through 1993 ranging from General Foreman to Deputy General Manager of entire plant, manufacture of booster bottles (also called “the J-line”), construction of Building 460, … Continue reading

George C. Williams – OH0708
Interview Date: 1995

This interview discusses growth and development around Boulder, including: Gunbarrel area residential and commercial development; Boulder Country Club; IBM; NCAR; Martin Acres; C.U. (Williams Towers and Industrial Park). Also talks about political, social, religious, and cultural aspects of Boulder in … Continue reading

George William Barrie – OH1168
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION Note: George Barrie’s wife, Terrie Barrie, also speaks in this interview, in the section about Mr. Barrie’s illnesses and efforts to receive compensation. Supplemental material available in OH file. People: Bob Wagner, Terrie Barrie — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear … Continue reading

Gerhardt, Frederick M., Jr. – OH2061
Interview Date: 27 October, 2015

This interview is part of a series about the culture of protest during the 1960s-1970s in Boulder County. The interviews particularly examine football games called the Hairy Bacon Bowl that took place between radicalized students and hippies on the one … Continue reading

Gerndt, Jewel M. Jenkins – OH0475
Interview Date: 1990

People: Jewel M. Jenkins Gerndt. Places: Boulder, Left Hand Canyon. Subjects: Soddie (sod house); dust storms; 1918 influenza; Great Depression; Blumquist; newspaper columnist.  

Gerstle, George – OH1909
Interview Date: October 30, 2013

George Gerstle, the director of the Boulder County Transportation Department, discusses the condition of county roads as a result of the September 2013 floods. He identifies county roads and bridges that experienced significant damage and discusses the immediate and long-term … Continue reading

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