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Gerstle, Kurt – OH1092-2
Interview Date:

See interview with Al Bartlett, OH1092

Getman, Don – OH1297
Interview Date: 2005

People: Dee Krieg, Dom Sanchini, Art Benjamin   Places: Rocky Flats Cold War Museum   Topics: childhood years (living in a sod house, then on a farm, going to Fairview School, a one-room schoolhouse), work at Rocky Flats from 1961 … Continue reading

Gibbs C.W. – OH0842
Interview Date: [undated]

Recorded for the KGNU radio program, Western Yesterdays, with Forest Crossen. Kansas, Wyoming, hobo gets hot sand treatment, fireman, oil drilling.

Gibbs, C.W. , with Ed Regan and Jack Gilman – OH0768
Interview Date: 1964

Steam engines, autos, train station holdup, early auto transportation.    

Gibson, Bret – OH1918
Interview Date: January 28, 2014

Bret Gibson, resident and business owner in Fourmile Canyon, was serving as fire chief of the Fourmile Fire Department during the devastating flood in September, 2013.  Bret describes the unfolding of the event, beginning with the first night of heavy … Continue reading

Gigone, Barbara – OH1074
Interview Date: 2001

PLACES: Boulder Fourmile Canyon   TOPICS: Reporting for the Daily Camera (first woman news reporter) Boulder Historical Society Museum Boulder Justice Center Boulder County Community Services Department Filming of the movie “Stagecoach” at Caribou Ranch Viele Lake Changes in Boulder … Continue reading

Gillaspie, Caroline Henry – OH0367
Interview Date: 1987

People: Caroline Henry Gillaspie, Gillaspie family, Carbon Gillaspie, Willam Loach.   Places: Caribou, Nederland, Boulder.   Topics: Caribou epidemic; Nederland house.

Gilman, Jack and Mary – OH0750
Interview Date: 1963

Recorded for the KGNU radio program Western Yesterdays with Forest Crossen.  

Gilman, Jack and Mary and C.W. Gibbs – OH0751
Interview Date: 1963, 1965

Recorded for the KGNU radio program Western Yesterdays with Forest Crossen.  

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