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Hallenbeck, Gwendolyn – OH1419
Interview Date: 2005

Gwendolyn Hallenbeck talks about her involvement in music, including choral singing, and her children, who grew up in Boulder. She also describes an engineering study program that took place in the 1960s at CU, which drew an international group of … Continue reading

Hamilton, Ava – OH1005
Interview Date: 2001

People: Chief Niwot, Richard Tall Bull, Senator Ben Nighthorse-Campbell   Places: Boulder, Sand Creek   Subjects: Arapahoe history, Cheyenne history, Sand Creek Massacre, displacement of Native Americans, current Arapaho cultural activities in Boulder County, Navajo hogans on CU campus, Native … Continue reading

Hamm, Verna – OH0665
Interview Date: 1994

TOPICS: Education (University and public schools, Washington School) –Japanese community in Boulder–buildings (theater, banks, stores)–CU campus–recreational spots (Eldorado Springs, Rocky Mountain Climbers Club–Eldora, Chautauqua, Central Park)–truck farms (vegetables and fruit)–travels–Boulder Woman’s Club– dairies (Alba Dairy and Watts-Hardy Dairy).  

Hamm, Verna A. – OH0161
Interview Date: 1976

People: Verna Minnie Armknecht Hamm.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Taught 4th grade at Washington School; school projects; lived with Hardy family of Watts-Hardy; canning; husband worked for Public Service.  

Hammond, Kenneth R. – OH1545
Interview Date: 2008

In this interview Kenneth Hammond, Professor Emeritus of Psychology of the University of Colorado, remembers his Boulder life over the course of 60 years; recalling the physical aspects of Boulder when he first came here, the history of early businesses … Continue reading

Hanczaryk, Katie and Weed, Travis – OH1907
Interview Date: December 31,2013

Katie Hanczaryk and Travis Weed talk about the flooding during the September 2013 floods at the Frasier Meadows retirement community, where they are staff members. They describe the flooding and evacuation of residents from the assisted living wing, where the … Continue reading

Handley, Bruce – OH0064
Interview Date: 1976

People: Bruce Handley.   Places: Eldorado Springs.   Subjects: State park outside Eldorado Springs.  

Haney, Hazel – OH0982
Interview Date: 2000

People: Ethel French, Ira Long family, Straumburgh family   Places: Boulder, Kansas   Subjects: early life in Kansas, life in Boulder during the 1930s and 1940s, Newlands neighborhood, cost of land and houses, stores, transportation, city limits at that time, … Continue reading

Hanna, Helen McCarty – OH1354
Interview Date: 2005

People: Harry and Alveda Johnson Yeager, Charlie Johnson, Mattie Johnson, Hal Yeager, Horace McCarty, P.E. Hamm, Gray Secor, Dr. Funnell Places: Longmont Topics: Johnson farmhouse (HY Crest farm), Beasley School, dances in the 1920s, playing piano and organ for others, … Continue reading

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