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Harrison, John William – OH1100
Interview Date: 2002

People: Neal (Shorty) Lohr, Dr. Dick Hargraves   Places: Longmont, Williams Cafe (300 Main Street, Longmont), Veterinary Hospital (North Main and Mountain View, Longmont), Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine, Neil Lohr farm (now Boulder County Agricultural Heritage Center) … Continue reading

Harrison, Lucille Cundall – OH0718
Interview Date: 1995

Lafayette, row apartments on Cleveland Street, Cundall boarding house, Lafayette in 1920s, Bermont Store on Simpson Street, facilities at mines and boarding houses, baths, Congregational Church in Lafayette, Coal Creek flood of 1923, Campfire Girls, Lafayette’s first library, Benjamin and … Continue reading

Harrison, Merwin Jay – OH0880
Interview Date: 1996

People: J. K. Mullen; Ray McKee   Places: Broomfield, CO   Subjects:Broomfield School; Lorraine School; Crescent Grange; grain elevators; Colorado Milling and Elevator Company; living all year in a tent; school, games, teacher, classmates; holidays — Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas; … Continue reading

Harrison-Brose, Phyllis – OH1702
Interview Date: 1986

This recording is of a talk given by folkorist Phyllis Harrison-Brose to volunteers for the Boulder Library’s oral history program in 1986. The speaker discusses differences between oral history interviewing and folklore research, how the practice of oral history interviewing … Continue reading

Hart, Sherry L. – OH1424
Interview Date: 2006

Places: Boulder   Topics: The Art Farm, philosophy about teaching art and living a creative life, examples of artwork done with found objects and beads, “Shape-Shifter” series of sculptures, art community in Boulder, tour of gardens and animal farm on … Continue reading

Hartman, Barrie – OH1488
Interview Date: 2007

Boulder (women political leaders, characterization of community, liberals and conservatives). Boulder Daily Camera (owners; role of newspaper and staff in community; impact of changes in technology; size of staff and circulation; economics; coverage of businesses, JonBenĂ©t Ramsey murder, open space … Continue reading

Hartnagle Bertha – OH1486
Interview Date: 1986

Farming in Louisville. Hartnagle farm at 8975 Valmont Drive (WW II years on the farm, efforts of others to buy the farm, sugar beet farming, using Mexican farm workers). Louisville coal strike of 1914. Nearby property and families (information about … Continue reading

Harvey Nichols – OH1372
Interview Date: 2005

DESCRIPTION People: Dr. Bill Osborne, Dorothy Rupert, David Skaggs, Joe Goldfield, Carl Johnson, Bob Beauprez — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: work as a scientist studying fossil pollen and wind-blown pollen, particle sampling done by interviewee in … Continue reading

Haskins, Evelyn – OH1021
Interview Date: 2001

People: Buel Haskins, John L. Lewis   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph, change from switchboard to direct dial service, Boulder stores on Arapahoe Avenue in the 1950s, changes in Boulder from the 1950s to the 1970s, … Continue reading

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