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Hauser, Ray L. – OH1799
Interview Date: 2012

Ray Hauser, owner of a Boulder consulting company, tells about the beginning of his professional life and his move to Boulder in 1962. He then describes his involvement at First Presbyterian Church, Boulder, focusing on the music ministry, both the … Continue reading

Havice, Doris – OH0443
Interview Date: 1989

People: Doris Webster Havice.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Feminism and women’s rights; student protests; Friendship City project; Sister City project; education system.  

Havlick, Spence – OH0814
Interview Date: 1996

In this interview, recorded in 1996, Spenser W. Havlick talks about how he has been involved in Boulder’s city planning since the 1970s. Both as a member of Boulder’s City Council and as a professor in Architecture and Planning at … Continue reading

Hawkins, David – OH0499
Interview Date: 1990

People:David Hawkins, Miss Clyncke. Places:Boulder. Subjects:Boulder since 1947: University of Colorado; Valentine Hardware; Lang Drugs; Un-American Activities Committee; – Mapleton School; Mountain View Center.  

Hawkins, Frances Pockman – OH0498
Interview Date: 1990

Supplemental material available in OH file. Boulder since 1947: Nursery School on 28th and Iris; South Boulder School; Van Vleet; Boulder Cooperative; Mountain View Center; Carnegie Library; Head Start.    

Hawley, Jim – OH0831
Interview Date: 1967

DESCRIPTION Recorded for the KGNU radio program, Western Yesterdays, with Forest Crossen.   Missouri River cruise, Missouri River (MO).  

Hawley, Jim – OH0858
Interview Date: 1965

Places: Pactolus Lake area   Topics: rerailing of 5 diesel trains on the Denver Rio Grande and Western Railway.    

Hawley, Jim – OH0860
Interview Date: 1965

Places: Montana   Topics: hunting Dall sheep, “Cowboy Fence”    

Hawley, Robert William – OH0908
Interview Date: 1997

People: Joseph W. Hawley (father, district attorney in Trinidad), Lorne Mathison (scientist at Dow Chemical), Robert Oppenheimer   Places:┬áLos Alamos (New Mexico), Naval Research Laboratory (Washington, D.C.), Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), attitudes towards … Continue reading

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