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Havice, Doris – OH0443
Interview Date: 1989

People: Doris Webster Havice.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Feminism and women’s rights; student protests; Friendship City project; Sister City project; education system.  

Havlick, Spence – OH0814
Interview Date: 1996

In this interview, recorded in 1996, Spenser W. Havlick talks about how he has been involved in Boulder’s city planning since the 1970s. Both as a member of Boulder’s City Council and as a professor in Architecture and Planning at … Continue reading

Hawkins, David – OH0499
Interview Date: 1990

People:David Hawkins, Miss Clyncke. Places:Boulder. Subjects:Boulder since 1947: University of Colorado; Valentine Hardware; Lang Drugs; Un-American Activities Committee; – Mapleton School; Mountain View Center.  

Hawkins, Frances Pockman – OH0498
Interview Date: 1990

Supplemental material available in OH file. Boulder since 1947: Nursery School on 28th and Iris; South Boulder School; Van Vleet; Boulder Cooperative; Mountain View Center; Carnegie Library; Head Start.    

Hawley, Jim – OH0831
Interview Date: 1967

DESCRIPTION Recorded for the KGNU radio program, Western Yesterdays, with Forest Crossen.   Missouri River cruise, Missouri River (MO).  

Hawley, Jim – OH0858
Interview Date: 1965

Places: Pactolus Lake area   Topics: rerailing of 5 diesel trains on the Denver Rio Grande and Western Railway.    

Hawley, Jim – OH0860
Interview Date: 1965

Places: Montana   Topics: hunting Dall sheep, “Cowboy Fence”    

Hawley, Robert William – OH0908
Interview Date: 1997

People: Joseph W. Hawley (father, district attorney in Trinidad), Lorne Mathison (scientist at Dow Chemical), Robert Oppenheimer   Places:┬áLos Alamos (New Mexico), Naval Research Laboratory (Washington, D.C.), Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant   Topics: Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), attitudes towards … Continue reading

Hawley, with Tavie Kipp, and Ruben Dedman – OH0861
Interview Date: 1969

People: Charley Russell   Places: Ft. Belknap (Missouri)   Topics: Sun Dance Revival.  

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