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Jackson, Ruby Jackson – OH0163
Interview Date: 1977, 1988

Town of Tungsten; family life; Barker Reservoir; Boulder Canyon; Wallstreet; Caribou; holidays; Williams Dairy, influenza epidemic.   Supplemental material available in OH file at the Carnegie Branch Library for Local History.  

Jaeger, Arthur R. and Suzanne W. – OH0995
Interview Date: 2000

People: Earl and Jan Armbrust, Dave Barkley, Bill Bracket, Bob Burger, Ken Fairbanks, Bob Faucett, Pat Monaco, James H. (Mac) McCulloch, Kenny Stone   Places: Jack Pine Court cul-de-sac in Boulder, Longmont   Subjects: family members; occupation of Arthur Jaeger … Continue reading

James, Bertha – OH0016
Interview Date: 1977-1978

Bertha was born in Nebraska, the daughter of Orange and Sarah Evans Lewis. The family moved to Puzzler, Colo. in 1893, and then to Boulder in 1904 where Bertha graduated from Boulder High School in 1908. Upon graduation she taught … Continue reading

James, Glenn and Lulu Mae – OH0881
Interview Date: 1996

People: Jack Moomaw; Stix (Donald Q.) Palmer   Places:  Niwot, Longmont, Hygiene   Topics:  irrigation/Palmer Ditch; wagon trip from Niwot to Estes Park; sugar beets frozen in s.e. Colorado, 1929; home remedies (“Denver mud”, anaphlagestine); farm accident when leg amputated in … Continue reading

James, John – OH0049
Interview Date: 1974

People: John James.   Places: Lafayette.   Subjects: Coal strikes; unions in early 1900s.

Jammer, Arthur – OH0332
Interview Date: 1986

People: Arthur Jammer.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Building inspector for Boulder before 1958; early bus service; history of Broadway; drug stores on Pearl Street; grocery stores; Veteran’s Day, Pow Wow, and Homecoming parades; trains to Boulder; hippies; entertainment.  

Jaramillo, Gregory – OH1861
Interview Date: July 18, 2013

Gregory Jaramillo attended Colorado State University and received his license to practice medicine from the University of Colorado, Denver. He has been the director of the Salud Family Health Center in Longmont, Colorado. He discusses the importance of community health … Continue reading

Jenkins Carol – OH1484
Interview Date: 2007

Camp Audubon cabins. Columbia Hotel. Community of artists in Ward. Creation of the Ward Library. Includes videographed photographs of paintings. Move to Ward in 1971. Paintings done by Carol Jenkins (paintings of Ward, awards won for painting). Residents of Ward … Continue reading

Jenkins, Chris C. – OH 1475
Interview Date: 2007

Chris Jenkins, the inventor of the Chris-cutter, a machine for cutting stone, talks about the development of that machine, which revolutionized the stone cutting business. With the Chris-cutter, a stone cutter could go from being able to cut one ton … Continue reading

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