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Jessie Fitzpatrick – OH0043
Interview Date: 1974

This interview was recorded as part of an American Association of University Women project.   Boulder: 936 Mapleton, neighborhood, Mapleton School, Miss Susan Lovelace, State Preparatory School; University of Colorado; teaching; transportation; First Congregational Church.   Listen to CD; view … Continue reading

Jessor, Richard – OH1889
Interview Date: September 5, 2013

Richard Jessor, longest serving professor in the history of the University of Colorado at Boulder, describes his varied experiences in Boulder and at the university from 1951 through to the year of this interview in 2013, his academic achievements, the … Continue reading

Jim Kelly – OH1182
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION People: Bill Colston (DOE manager), Dixy Lee Ray (AEC Director) — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Washington, D. C. (Congressional hearings) — Subjects: Steelworkers labor union at Rocky Flats (Congressional hearings on Rocky Flats labor problems, labor’s representation … Continue reading

Jim Luxner – OH1083
Interview Date: 2002

James Luxner lived in the Industrial Mining Camp and in Superior during his childhood. His father and grandfather were miners in Colorado; his father working in the Industrial Mine until it closed in 1945. James talks about his life as … Continue reading

Jim Turner – OH1158
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION Supplemental material available in OH file. People: Dr. Lee Newman (physician at National Jewish, expert in CBD) — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: 1969 fire at Rocky Flats, working as Air Filter Technician, protests, Berylliosis (or … Continue reading

Joder, Robert M. – OH1390
Interview Date: 2005

Accident while training horses in 2001. Comments from Joder Ranch boarders. Dressage training and competition. Equi-Rhythm program. Impact of drought on ranching. Joder Arabian Ranch (origins in Cheyenne, Wyoming, purchase of Boulder property for ranch by¬†Anna Best Joder, economic challenges … Continue reading

Jody Sarbaugh – OH0744
Interview Date: 1995

Boulder, Sturtz and Copeland, Valentine Hardware, Hygienic Swimming Pool, Denver-Boulder Turnpike, Scott Carpenter Park, Boulder Dinner Theater, Teresa Foster, Frederick Bartlett (organist at Curran Theater for silent movies), Ross Haley.    

John A. Jackson – OH0553
Interview Date: 1991

Clark, Jack (John George), 1871-1944. School District No. 27 (Boulder County, Colo.) Wallstreet School (Wallstreet, Colo.) Dams, Colorado, Boulder County. Reservoirs, Colorado, Boulder County. Rural schools. School districts, Colorado, Boulder County. Tungsten mines and mining, Colorado, Boulder County. Barker Dam … Continue reading

Johnson Lawrence and Amicarella Henry – OH0206
Interview Date: [undated]

Lafayette; coal mining strike; Columbine mine disaster; coal mining  

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