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Johnson, Berenice Hanson – OH0897
Interview Date: 1997

People: William Hanson, Elmer Johnson   Places: Longmont, Ryssby   Subjects: Butchering chickens, Dickens farm in Longmont, girls’ clothing in 1915-1920, piano lessons from Catholic nuns in Longmont, riding pony to school w/special saddle, setting fire in barn, Swedish services … Continue reading

Johnson, Curt and Kay – OH0997
Interview Date: 2001

People: Glen Chamberlain, Cecil Effinger, Judge Bud Holmes, Max Peters, Murray Richtel, Maria Rogers, David Rowland, Carol Schneider   Places: Boulder   Subjects: bio-feedback and stress management, Colorado Music Festival, home at 1400 Mariposa Avenue, juvenile court, Legal Aid, University … Continue reading

Johnson, Dale L. – OH1113
Interview Date: 2002

People: Bob Rowlands, Gerry Cunningham, Gerry Roach, Phil Robertson, Tom Hornbein, Dr. Harold Walton Places: Boulder Topics: rock climbing, first ascents, climbing the Third Flatiron in roller skates, mountaineering, University of Colorado, painting a “C” on the Third Flatiron, Gerry … Continue reading

Johnson, Frank with Ray Burt and Carl Caywood – OH0834
Interview Date: 1963, 1966 and 1971

Boulder; fire department, Washington Coal Mine, early movie theaters, Curran, projectors, University of Colorado plays at Curran, fire trucks, steam power, coal strike, covered wagon, Burlington cemetery, Valmont newspaper.  

Johnson, Harry – OH0931
Interview Date: 1998

People: Dr. Allen (first doctor in Boulder), Mme. Benetoni (saloon keeper in Salina), Jonas and Hannah Gadd Johnson (Harry’s parents), Ralph Johnson (Harry’s brother), Carl Knaus of Niwot, the Henry Meyring family, Ernie Meyring, Liver “Twisty” Meyring   Places: Salina, … Continue reading

Johnson, LaVern – OH1031
Interview Date: 2001

Places: Lyons, Noland, Niwot   People: John and Catherine Reese, James McConnell family, LaVerne Johnson family (Niwot), Jack Moomaw, Edward Lyon (town founder), A. F. Hess (Lyons mailman), Robert Montgomery, James and Rosena Lowe, O. J. Ramsey (Lyons banker), LaVern … Continue reading

Johnson, Martha C. – OH0255
Interview Date: 1985

Boulder; Pine Street house; summer in Salina; fires in Boulder.

Johnson, Patricia L. – OH1708
Interview Date: 2011

Patricia Johnson is a past president of the League of Women Voters of Boulder County who was finance director for the League at the time of this interview. She discusses the League’s goals of civics education, issues advocacy, and educating … Continue reading

Johnson, Rowena F. – OH0703
Interview Date: 1994

People: Rowena F. Johnson   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Music: Colorado Music Festival, ushers.  

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