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Kelly, Jim – OH1504
Interview Date: 2000

This interview is a follow-up to a prior conversation recorded in 1998. Jim Kelly talks about current negotiations for benefits and compensation that would apply to retired or disabled Rocky Flats workers. He expresses concern over shoddy recordkeeping by plant … Continue reading

Kelsey, Rosalie Alan – OH0291
Interview Date: 1985

Supplemental material available in OH file. Farming in eastern Boulder County; Royal neighbors; Boulder Valley Grange.

Kemper, Bill – OH1302
Interview Date: 2005

Bill Kemper discusses his work on the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission in light of his earlier work as a radiological safety monitor at the time of the Bikini Island atomic bomb tests. He and Jim Stone describe some of the … Continue reading

Ken Korkia – OH1301
Interview Date: 2005

DESCRIPTION People: Joe Tempel (chair of the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission), Bill Kemper (scientist and radiation expert on Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission) — Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Cotter plant in Canon City (Colorado) — Subjects: Rocky Flats Cleanup … Continue reading

Kennon, Lulu Stewart – OH0113
Interview Date: 1976

Lulu Kennon talks about DeBeque in the early 1880. She goes into detail about games played, school life, ranching, holidays celebrated, and boarding school in Denver, life during World War I.

Kent, Sam – OH1548
Interview Date: 2009

Sam Kent, who has, by turns, been a magician, DJ, theater and store manager, model train aficionado, and much more, talks about his life in Boulder from 1957 on. The interview covers topics as diverse as Boulder’s drive-in and other … Continue reading

Kenyon, Sherry – OH1736
Interview Date: 2011

Sherry Kenyon was interviewed shortly before she retired as fire safety educator for Boulder Fire Rescue. Before she took on that job, Boulder had no fire safety education program. In this interview she describes the creative and comprehensive programs that … Continue reading

Kerr, Thomas – OH0017
Interview Date: 1978

:In this interview, Thomas Kerr, who with his father, uncles and brothers has been involved with the Industrial Mine since before 1909, talks about the life of a coal miner from his personal recollections and what he remembered being told … Continue reading

Ketterman, Grovenor – OH0287
Interview Date: 1985

Grovenor Ketterman, born at the turn of the century, was a life-long resident of Boulder.  He talks about his family history and other aspects of growing up including: his schooling, his first job at Burgess Drug, the influenza epidemic of … Continue reading

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