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Korkia, Ken – OH1505
Interview Date: 1998

Ken Korkia started working as a technical assistant to the Rocky Flats Cleanup Commission in 1990, and he was later hired as staff coordinator for the Rocky Flats Citizens Advisory Board. In this interview Korkia talks about developing a comprehensive … Continue reading

Korn, Helen M. – OH1573
Interview Date: 2009

Helen Korn grew up on a ranch in the San Luis Valley in the 1930s and 1940s, and subsequently lived in Colorado Springs, Denver, and California. In 1966 she moved to Boulder. She and her husband bought a house in … Continue reading

Kozecek, Aldine – OH0236
Interview Date: 1984

People: Aldine Kozecek.   Places: Eastlake, Colorado.   Subjects: water supply; fire department.  

Kraft, Duane A. – OH1823
Interview Date: 2012

Duane Kraft grew up in the 1930s to 1950s in north Boulder. He learned hard rock mining techniques from his father and uncle as a child, then worked as a prospector and miner and also as a general contractor in … Continue reading

Krasnoff, Charlotte M. – OH 1829
Interview Date: January 10, 2013

Charlotte Michener Krasnoff recounts the story of a life full of joyful accomplishments that have ranged from teaching in a small Nevada town of 300 people during the 1950s, to developing Jewish education programs in both Denver and Boulder, to … Continue reading

Krasnoff, Charlotte Michener – OH1255
Interview Date: 2004

People: Bernie Mayer, Melba Shepherd, Len Barron   Places: Boulder, Boulder County   Subjects: Boulder County Mental Health Center (1965-1979), location in 1965, pioneer in group therapy, volunteer program, Community Mental Health Act, Boulder County Council for Community Services, community … Continue reading

Kraushaar, Jack J. – OH0422
Interview Date: 1988

People: Jack J. Kraushaar.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: History of Friends Meeting Group in Boulder — Building Meeting House, 1960s — Activities of group — Members’ names.  

Kraushaar, Nancy C. – OH0421
Interview Date: 1988

People: Nancy C. Kraushaar, Charles Haertling.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Friends Meeting Group in Boulder — Charles Haertling designed Meeting House, 1960s: description of meeting house and its landscaping — Activities of Friends Meeting.  

Kray, Edd – OH1319
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bob Nelson, Lt. Gov.¬†Gail Schoettler, Nick Pazzuto, Al Hazle Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: work for the Colorado Department of Health as onsite representative at Rocky Flats, description of Rocky Flats physical plant in 1992, decommissioning of … Continue reading

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