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Lacer, Ernie – OH0691
Interview Date: 1994

Flu epidemic, 1918 — Lodging houses — Boulder County Miner and Farmer newspaper — Depression era — Ku Klux Klan — Courthouse fire — Mining — Boulder in the 1920s.   .

Lackey, Georgia Mae – OH0619
Interview Date: 1992

People: Hugh McMillan.   Places: Longmont, Boulder.   Subjects: boarding house for University of Colorado students, University Hill, Mount St. Gertrude, Chautauqua, Hygienic pool, music in schools, high school life – sports, band, parties, dances, piano, CU, servicemen at CU during … Continue reading

Lamas, Veronica – OH 1892
Interview Date: August 19, 2013

Veronica was born in 1991 in Oregon. Her parents, who had come to this country in 1984 from Mexico for job opportunities, worked as agricultural laborers, moving between Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and Texas to find employment. When she was a … Continue reading

Lamela, Carolyn – OH0721
Interview Date: 1991

People: Carolyn Lamela, Bruce Dassnell, Doc Moskowitz, Hazel Marguerite Schmoll.   Places: Ward.   Subjects: Town meetings, single parents, library readings.  

Lamm, Dick – OH1395
Interview Date: 2005

People: Tim Wirth, Kelly brothers (Jim and Pat) Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Topics: political background leading to becoming governor of Colorado, Project Rulison, placement of Rocky Flats close to and upwind from Denver, connection between opposition to Rocky … Continue reading

Lamont, William – OH1055
Interview Date: 2001

People: Trafton Bean, Jim Bowers, Ted Tedesco, Bob Knecht, Ted Fuller   Places: Boulder, Boulder County, Gunbarrel   Topics: Directing the Boulder Planning Department, 1967-1974, zoning, subdivisions, PUDs (Planned Unit Developments), landscaping, sign ordinance, flowers, low-income housing, Greenbelt Program (Open … Continue reading

Landman, Mikhail – OH1711
Interview Date: 2011

Mikhail Landman grew up in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and emigrated to the United States in 1991. He describes his family’s experiences during World War II, his childhood and education in the Soviet Union, the development of his Jewish identity, and his … Continue reading

Langley, Helen – OH0019
Interview Date: 1977

People: Helen Langley.   Places: Eldora, Nederland.   Subjects: Lake Eldora; schools.

Lantry, Fern – OH0738
Interview Date: 1995

Ward, Whittier Elementary School, Casey Jr. High, Boulder High, hospitals, Boulder Drug Store, Golden West, tearing down State Preparatory School, Whittier Mothers’ Chorus, Whittier Birthday Club, Japanese internees, stadium fireworks on 4th of July, Masonic Temple fire, World War II … Continue reading

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