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LaSalle, Catherine LaSalle – OH1627
Interview Date:

Catherine LaSalle’s grandfather emigrated from Italy in the 1880s; her father was born in Marshall, Colorado. Her mother emigrated from Italy and after marriage, the LaSalles settled in Colorado. Catherine discusses immigrant life in Boulder County, including issues of assimilation. … Continue reading

Lastoka, Mariann – OH1787
Interview Date: 2012

Mariann Lastoka recreates the experience of growing up on the Harney-Lastoka farm at 95th Street and South Boulder Road in the 1950s; and tells many stories about her large and close-knit family, members of which originally came to the area … Continue reading

LaTorra, Benny Victor – OH1640
Interview Date: 2010

Benny Victor LaTorra, who was known as Victor during his school years, went to Whittier Elementary School during the 1930s. In this interview, conducted by fourth-grade members of the Whittier Student Historians’ Club, he recalls the cordial interactions between students, … Continue reading

Laura B. Johnson – OH1172
Interview Date: 2003

DESCRIPTION Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant — Subjects: thirty-eight years of work at Rocky Flats (administrative work, recruiting, manager of off-site lab analysis), feelings about job, early computers at Rocky Flats, comparison of Rocky Flats contractors (Dow, Rockwell, EG&G, … Continue reading

Laurence, Paul J. – OH1367
Interview Date: 2005

DESCRIPTION People: Horace Holmes, Jim Ziegler   Places: Boulder, 720 11th Street in Boulder   Topics: 720 11th Street as haunted house, accessibility of RTD buses for disabled people, being a wheelchair-bound pedestrian in Boulder, Boulder Reservoir, EXPAND (Exciting Programs … Continue reading

Lazar, Sally – OH0935
Interview Date: 1998

People: Ester Graw, Ellen and Penfield Tate (Freedom School), Uvaldo Valdez   Places: Boulder   Subjects: Boulder Community Hospital (union activist), interracial adoption, nursing homes (Boulder Manor), nursing profession, recreation, single parenting in Boulder, volunteer services /opportunities for seniors.  

League of Women Voters Life Members – OH1794
Interview Date: 2012

This recording is of a discussion by a panel of eight women who were being honored as life-members of the League of Women Voters – members with 50 years or more of League involvement. The women spoke of their experiences … Continue reading

Lebra, Joyce – OH1471
Interview Date: 2007

Books and screenplays. Graduate education (Asian studies, Japanese history). Joining CU faculty in 1962 (first female in History Department, Japanese history courses, student activities, struggles). Learning to fly in Boulder. Norlin book talk and photography show. Research projects and fellowships … Continue reading

Lecture at Boulder High School by Dr. Ruth C. Flowers – OH0154
Interview Date: 1972

Topics: Black family in early Boulder; discrimination in high school; teaching at the University of Colorado.

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