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Lemberg, Eckart – OH1747
Interview Date: 2011

Born in Germany in 1928, Eckart Lemberg fled with his family to Australia, after his father was incarcerated in and later released from a concentration camp in 1938. In Australia he studied aeronautical engineering and embarked on a career in … Continue reading

Lemons, Clara – OH1435
Interview Date: 2006

Supplemental material available in the OH file includes information about the Lemons Air Strip and an obituary for Clara Lemons. Being named the International Flying Farmer Queen. Colorado Flying Farmers. Family farm in Boulder at Baseline and 55th. First female … Continue reading

Lemp, John Jr. – OH1405
Interview Date: 2006

Places: Boulder   Topics: Carolyn Heights subdivision, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, elections, being an election judge, Boulder Senior Center, Meals on Wheels program.  

Lemp, Susan R. – OH1404
Interview Date: 2005

People: Helen Noyes Webster   Places: Boulder   Topics: teaching German at Angevine Middle School, gardening in Boulder, her children (4 sons), work as an ESL traveling tutor, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.   Includes 2 videographed photographs of Helen Noyes Webster. … Continue reading

Lennartz, Honey Bee – OH0885
Interview Date: 1997

Lennartz homestead at 655 Arapahoe (on the National Historic Register) Schools attended: parochial, Highland, Mount St. Gertrude Academy Writers’ Conference at University of Colorado Founding Lennartz Musical Preschool Russian Language School for U.S. Navy at University of Colorado Alexander Karansky … Continue reading

Lennartz, Paul C. – OH0847
Interview Date: 1996

People: Paul C. Lennartz, Joe Bergheim, Billy Mitchell, George Newton, Ira Rothgerber.     Places: Boulder, Nederland.     Subjects: State Preparatory School, teachers, curriculum, social life, Curren Theater, stone quarry on Enchanted Mesa, farming, politics, Great Depression, Prohibition, making … Continue reading

Leonard Davies – OH0146
Interview Date: 1977

Places:  Hygiene   Topics:  Farm life near Hygiene.  

Leonard, Alice – OH0330
Interview Date: 1986

People:  Alice Leonard.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Farming; school; 1913 snow storm; church; clubs; Mesa Vista Sanitarium; quilts; Great Depression; mining; the Hill; World War II; war mothers; early Boulder; transportation; holidays; influenza epidemic; butchering; immigrants; sugar beets; old … Continue reading

Leonard, Carrie – OH1930
Interview Date: March 2, 2014

Carrie Leonard talks about the experience of being homeless. She describes her arrival in Boulder from Longmont, circa 2002, along with her two children. She describes how a typical day starts at the shelter, positive activities that occupy her time, … Continue reading

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