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Munson, Gary – OH0725
Interview Date: 1991

People: Gary Munson, Hazel Marguerite Schmoll.   Places: Ward.   Subjects: Ward: 1970s-1990, park rangers, animals, early days of Ward.  

Munson, Robert and Marcy – OH1784
Interview Date: 2012

Bob and Marcy Munson talk about their involvement with farming and how they started farming on a couple of acres near Frasier Meadows in Boulder while Bob maintained a full-time job as an engineer. The Munsons review the beginnings of … Continue reading

Murillo, Maria – OH2002
Interview Date: October 16, 2014

Maria Murillo immigrated to the United States from Venezuela eighteen years before this interview was conducted. Initially, she came to Colorado with her husband and two children so that her husband could go to graduate school at the Colorado School … Continue reading

Murphy, Jack B. – OH0451
Interview Date: 1989

People: Doc Riley.   Places: Longmont, Bald Mountain.   Topics: farming: machinery, crops, John Deere dealer, mechanization of equipment, draft horses; “Fair Beautiful”; Dickens Opera House; Longmont Planning Commission; County Commissioner, County Parks and Open Space; Leggett Canal; mules; Grange. … Continue reading

Musical performance by Chuck Woodward – OH0062
Interview Date: 1975

Chuck Woodward singing “That Coal Miners’ Son” and “Dime”. Listen to CD and view summary at Carnegie Branch Library.    

Myers-Harbison, Gayle – OH1783
Interview Date: 2012

Gayle Myers-Harbison, owner of Gayle Grows It, sells perennial plants, cut flowers, and plants for edible landscaping. She has sold her plants at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market since the early 1990s. In this interview she describes a typical day … Continue reading

Myrick, Robert L. – OH0796
Interview Date: 1995

Boulder County history: Boulder, Longmont — Territorial judge — silver dollars — Boulder High School — University of Colorado — Ball Aerospace — Semi-centennial and Centennial celebrations — Van Vleet Arabian horse shows — fishing and pheasant hunting.    

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