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Noble, Boughton – OH0022
Interview Date: 1978

Lafayette coal mining the Depression Ku Klux Klan W.P.A. racism    

Norman, Frances Noxon – OH0491
Interview Date: 1990

People: Frances Noxon Norman, Billy Sunday.   Places: Idaho Springs, Boulder.   Subjects: Aurora and 7th Streets (907 7th); social activities, Boulder County Miner and Farmer Newspaper; Chautauqua; 1910; father interested in civil rights; Macky Auditorium organ.  

Norris, Rubie Aloisius Morris – OH0310
Interview Date: 1976

People: Rubie Aloisius Morris Norris.   Places: Burlington, Colorado; Kansas   Subjects: Early years; husband had typhoid; cooking utensils; influenza epidemic.  

Norris, Rubie Aloisius Morris and Cora Gardner Brown- OH0094
Interview Date: 1976

Topics: Homesteading in eastern Colorado; social activities; organizations; health care; childbirth.

Northrup, Rose Rugg – OH0069
Interview Date: 1976

People: Rose Northrop.   Places: Boulder, Eldora, Central City.   Subjects: Mining; hardships of the times; summer resort; housework.

Norton, Phoebe – OH1849
Interview Date: May 16 2013

Phoebe Norton, former Executive Director of the Mental Health Center of Boulder and Broomfield Counties, talks about her experiences leading up to her role as Executive Director. She discusses the gross maltreatment she saw in psychiatric hospitals during her first … Continue reading

Nuzum, Janet M. – OH1603
Interview Date: 2009

Potter and Boulder Potters Guild founder Janet Nuzum describes the history of the Potters Guild, the development of and changes in the organization over the years, and especially, the finances of the organization, of which she was treasurer for many … Continue reading

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