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O’Rourke, Elizabeth – OH0166
Interview Date: 1975

People: Elizabeth O’Rourke.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder 1930s-1940s; water rights in Boulder.  

Ogilvy, J. D. A. – OH0433
Interview Date: 1989

People: J. D. A. (Jack David Angus) Ogilvy, Mary Rippon, Miriam Rieder.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: University of Colorado after 1930, buildings, Greek houses, English Department,  athletics.  

OH1030 – Sigismund, Richard A.
Interview Date: 2001

Discussed in this interview: City and County of Boulder, Caribou, Nederland, house at 1557 Ninth Street (the house is in a living trust to Boulder County Mental Health Association).   Topics include: University of Colorado, Condon Report, teaching, social psychology, … Continue reading

Olin, Russell; with Charleen R. Pappas and Phyllis J. Perry – OH1426
Interview Date: 2006

People: Bauldie Moschetti, Winnie and William (Bill) Hutson, Ralph Peters, Marcia Thomas, Logan Forester, P.D. Nelson, Terry Dowd, Dave Paulson   Places: Boulder, Nomad Theater   Topics: formation of the Nomad Theater in 1951, community and volunteer nature of the … Continue reading

Olsen, Phyllis M. – OH1554
Interview Date:

Phyllis Olson first moved to Boulder in 1959 for several years and then settled here permanently in 1964. She discusses her membership in the First United Methodist Church, some of the issues and projects that the church has taken on, … Continue reading

Olson, Nellie – OH0314
Interview Date: 1976

People: Nellie  Olson.   Places: South Dakota, Wisconsin, Boulder.   Subjects: Housework; icebox; farm chores; electric appliances; heating by stones; sewing.  

Olson, Rudolph Martin – OH0637
Interview Date: 1993

Boulder since 1928: Metropolitan Hotel, Model T Ford, dowsing (water witching), Archer Mine, Pueblo Mine in Nederland, Teressa Foster.    

Ortega, Daisy – OH0126
Interview Date: 1977

Topics: Farming in San Luis Valley; community life; Catholic Church; San Acacio area; childhood play; education; women’s organizations.

Ortega, Roseann Chavez – OH0579
Interview Date: 1986

Roseann Chavez Ortega describes growing up with her parents and sister on a farm outside of Lafayette (Davidson).  Her father worked for a farmer named Ralph Bixler who provided her family with a house on his land.  She talks about … Continue reading

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