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Pettigrew, Malaika – OH1241
Interview Date: 2003

Places: Boulder   Topics: childhood experiences as an African American girl in southern California, political involvement at UCLA in the late nineteen-sixties and early nineteen-seventies, Angela Davis as mentor as an activist, transpersonal psychology, African spiritual beliefs, move to Boulder, … Continue reading

Pherson, O.P. with others – OH0837
Interview Date: 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968 and 1971

Part 1 – railroading   Part 2 – Cripple Creek, mining, frontier activities   Part 3 – Cripple Creek, mining   Part 4 – Creede boom, Texas trip   Part 5 – Creede to Texas   Part 6 – Creede, … Continue reading

Pherson, O.P. Pherson with Ethel McCool and Jim Hawley – OH0862
Interview Date: 1969

Places: Victor, Central City   Topics: coal pulverizer.  

Phillips, Helen Ramsey – OH0024
Interview Date: 1978

People:  Helen Phillips.   Places:  Boulder, Wallstreet, Sunset.   Subjects: Copper Rock.

Phillips, Hester – OH0696
Interview Date: 1972

Buffalo hunt from railroads Value of money in 1900s Rifles (flintlock).  

Phillips, Leslie E. – OH0025
Interview Date: 1977

People: Leslie Phillips.   Places: Magnolia.   Subjects: ranching; angora sheep; mining; rural schools.

Phillips, Marjory – OH0566
Interview Date: 1991

People: Marjory Phillips.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder County Courthouse fire; business enterprises; disasters, Pearl Street.  

Phillips, Marjory – OH1803
Interview Date: 2012

Marjory Phillips was born in Nebraska and grew up in Boulder from the age of 10 years on. She talks about her more than three decades of involvement with the First Presbyterian Church of Boulder, where she taught Sunday school … Continue reading

Pilcher, Jan – OH1508
Interview Date: 1997

Jan Pilcher got involved with activism and organizing around Rocky Flats in the early 1970s. She helped create the booklet “Local Hazard, Global Threat,” which framed citizens? concerns about Flats? operation as well as concerns about disarmament and contamination. In … Continue reading

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