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Ramirez, Albert – OH1899
Interview Date: August 28, 2013

Dr. Albert Ramirez is a social psychologist and has served as chair of the ethnic studies department at the University of Colorado as well as the associate dean of its graduate school and the associate vice chancellor for academic affairs. … Continue reading

Ramirez, Carmen – OH1880
Interview Date: August 1, 2013

Carmen Ramirez, born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1960, is the program coordinator for the Community Relations Division of the City of Longmont. She also has been the head of the Latino Task Force of Boulder County and an active … Continue reading

Ramos, Elvira – OH1894
Interview Date: August 14, 2013

Elvira Ramos is Director of Programs at The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County.  She talks about her experience of growing up in Indiana and her roots in Brownsville, Texas.  Her ancestors have lived in the Rio Grande Valley for many … Continue reading

Randolph, Bruce Jr. – OH0914
Interview Date: 1997

People: Bruce Randolph Sr. (Daddy Bruce), Bruce Randolph Jr.   Places: Boulder, Denver   Topics: “Daddy Bruce Jr.’s Barbecue” on Arapahoe Avenue, CNN visits the restaurant and tapes a day in the life of Bruce Randolph Jr.  

Rasmussen, Brian Daniel – OH2014
Interview Date: 16 March 2015

Brian Rasmussen tells of his experiences during the Boulder County flood of 2013, when he lived in Fourmile Canyon. He describes the road and land conditions in the area of Fourmile Canyon and Wallstreet during and after the flooding. He … Continue reading

Rathburn, Kathryn J. – OH1744
Interview Date: 2011

Katy Rathburn describes her childhood growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, recalling many colorful incidents, including that her father had difficulty with reading and that she, while still in grade school, read the newspapers containing World War II news to … Continue reading

Rauch, Thomas M. – OH0946
Interview Date: 1998

People: Thomas M. Rauch (director of “Encirclement” protest in 1983), Dr. John Cobb, Judy Danielson, John Duggan (Regis College student), Bob Fried (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Jim and Pat Kelly, Dr. Ed Martell, Jason Saltzman (Greenpeace), Niels Schonbeck, David Skaggs, … Continue reading

Rauch, Tom – OH1509
Interview Date: 1997

Tom Rauch spent 20-plus years working on issues of health, peace, and social justice related to Rocky Flats. In this interview he follows the progression of Rocky Flats committees and action groups that evolved through his years of service, mainly … Continue reading

Ray, Ann K. Patterson – OH1642
Interview Date: 2010

Ann K. Ray (then Patterson) was a student at Whittier Elementary School from 1943, when she attended second grade, through sixth grade. In this interview, conducted by fourth-grade members of the Whittier Student Historians’ Club, she reminisces about her years … Continue reading

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