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Rubendall, Vera – OH0213
Interview Date: 1974

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection.

Rubright, Royal C. and Richard – OH0636
Interview Date: 1993

People:Royal C. Rubright, Richard Rubright, Bauldie Moschetti, Igor Gamow, Mansur Tinsley.   Places: Boulder, Boulder Canyon   Subjects: Alps Lodge (pipeline, coal bin, sewer line, cooking chicken, garden, snow, road up Boulder Creek, roof), mining, single and double jack, Black … Continue reading

Ruehlman, Dan – OH1364
Interview Date: 2005

People: Bill Mahan (Dan’s partner), Clinton “Dutch” Mason (worked in mine), Mike Smith (worked in mine), Tom Williams (worked in mine)   Places: Blue Bird Mine on Caribou Ranch open space property   Subjects: Blue Bird Mine, displays samples of … Continue reading

Rugg, Charles R. “Binx” – OH0456
Interview Date: 1989

Narrator discusses mining issues, including owners (Mogul, Virginia, Enterprise, Bobtai), mining laws, mine promotion, women in mining, mining accidents, and terms related to tailings dump. People discussed include: Todd Hendricks, Flarty Brown, Sweeney Bailey, Jack Langley, Governor Romer, Harrison Cobb, and John … Continue reading

Rugg, Clara J. Harpel – OH0068
Interview Date: 1976

Places:  Eldora Topics:  housework, childrearing, school, family; Mother of Rose Northrop.    

Runner, Marjorie Wooley – OH0026
Interview Date: 1977

This interview discusses farming in Raymond, Colorado, along with Miller Rock, Stanley Hill, and Gresham.

Rupert, Dorothy – OH0739
Interview Date: 1995

People: Joe Ripple, Dr. Warren Hern, David Skaggs, Tim Wirth   Places: Hygiene, Boulder   Subjects: Table Mesa, Fairview High School, Colorado Legislature, National Defense Act, counseling adolescents, 1960s Seminar Days at Fairview High, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam … Continue reading

Ruth Blanchard Harding – OH0780
Interview Date: 1995

The narrator talks about: Martha and Josephine Cowgill, Mark Cattermole, Blanchard Lodge (now the Red Lion Inn), Mapleton Hill neighborhood, McInnes house, Mapleton School, Switzerland Trail of America, tuberculosis, Pearl Street businesses, The Printed Page, Chautauqua, Curran Theatre, courthouse fire, Dances, … Continue reading

Ruzzin, Mark – OH1552
Interview Date: 2009

Mark Ruzzin, who was mayor of Boulder from 2004 to 2007, focuses his interview on his years of public service in Boulder, including his initial involvement with neighborhood issues in Boulder, as a member of the city’s planning board, a … Continue reading

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