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Recording of a Superior Historical Commission meeting. Speakers include: Wally Waligorski, Bob Morgan, Kathryn Barth, Estella Cole, Doreen Ruffe, Karen Waligorski, Gail Graves, Jo Wright, Annette Edwards – OH1104
Interview Date: 2002

People: Heather Brooks, Thomas Dandrea, Margaret Dandrea, Angelo Dandrea, Florine Bruno, Mary Bruno, William Hake, Emmeline Hake, Langegger family, Fred McNulty   Places: Superior, including specific houses at 211 West William, 202 West William, 202 West Coal Creek Drive, 411 … Continue reading

Recording of meeting of the Boulder County Historical Society – OH0077
Interview Date: 1978

Meeting of Boulder County Historical Society. Listen to CD at Carnegie Branch Library.    

Redder, Carolyn – OH0273
Interview Date: 1985

Supplemental material available in OH file. Boulder; downtown establishments; Rocky Mountain Climbers Club.  

Reddington, Delbert – OH0903
Interview Date: 1997

People: Mary Miller (Mrs. Lafayette Miller), Dorothy Wiggins Reddington, Dottie Richards Reddington, Ira Reddington, William R. Richards, John Valentine, Frank Wiggins   Places: Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont   Topics: African Americans in Boulder and Longmont, Boulder (construction of early downtown … Continue reading

Redfield, Truman – OH0208
Interview Date: [undated]

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. Allenspark area; wartime; Chick and Jenny Jensen; ice harvest off Copeland Lake; St. James on Mount Church; Bob Mize

Reed, Barbara – OH1583
Interview Date: 2009

Barbara Reed, who has lived in Boulder since her childhood in the 1930s, describes some of the places in Boulder where she has lived, including on Columbine Avenue, Eight-Mile Corner, and Grant Place. She then focuses on the Becker Subdivision … Continue reading

Reedy, Margaret Price – OH0710
Interview Date: 1995

People: Margaret Price Reedy, Charlie Evett.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Trains — Boulder High School: Minnie and Jake.  

Reflections on Leadership: Ruth Correll and Janet S. Roberts – OH1699
Interview Date: 1999

In this program produced by Channel 8 TV, former Boulder City Council member, Janet Roberts, and former council member and mayor, Ruth Correll, talk about their cutting-edge roles as women active in politics in Boulder, particularly during the 1950s through … Continue reading

Regnier, Richard J. D. – OH1604
Interview Date: 2009

Richard Regnier, a part-time resident of Gold Hill and historian of the area, relates the history of the Dussart, Regnier, and Romig families, as well as stories about Gold Hill, the buildings in town, the roads in the area, and … Continue reading

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