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Reich, John H. – OH0644
Interview Date: 1993

People: John Moreland, Frank Henderson, Jim Corriel, Bob Gibson, Wayne Dozier, Francis Reich, Clyde Reedy, Chuck Sayre, Buckinghams, Lee Sturgeon, Hugh McCaffrey.   Places: Boulder.   Subjects: Boulder Humane Society, Piggly Wiggly, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Arapaho Glacier hike, Pow Wow, … Continue reading

Rejouis, Mary Kate – OH2009
Interview Date: 1/21/2015

Mary Kate Rejouis, an ordained priest and rector of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, grew up in the Whittier neighborhood and was a student at Whittier Elementary School in the 1970s. She describes her years there with great affection … Continue reading

Reminiscences about the Allenspark and Meeker Park Lodge area with Mabel Downer Durning moderating – OH0212
Interview Date: 1974-1975

Part of the Allenspark Historical Collection. Allenspark area; discussions at Meeker Park Lodge during the display of Allenspark historical material. Participants include Vera Rubendall, Ralph Carlin, Charles Couplik, Bob Kiley and others.

Rettig, Armorel with Elsa Hornbeck and Margaret Frazier – OH0746
Interview Date: 1983

Eldora: families, summer cottages, Dixie Lodge, Switzerland Trail railroad.    

Reynolds, Peter – OH1476
Interview Date: 2007

Peter Reynolds talks about Reynolds family history; the Reynolds Ranch, including the ranch house that was built in the mid-1880s; recreation and projects on the ranch when he was a child; tungsten mining; and the land during the 1960s, including … Continue reading

Reynolds, Ruth and Mary Richart Nelson Hall – OH0400
Interview Date: 1988

People: Ruth Reynolds, Mary Richart Nelson Hall.   Places: Boulder, Valmont.   Subjects: Side A: (Reynolds) Table Mesa Shopping Center, Round-up Riders of the Rockies. Side B: (Hall) Boulder: daughter of Sheriff Richart, Nelson courthouse, Wilbur Nelson orchestra, Indians, Valmont, … Continue reading

Rhode, Delores – OH1495
Interview Date: 2008

Attention Homes. Education in one-room schoolhouse in eastern Colorado. Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. Mt. Zion Lutheran Church. Rhode family children and grandchildren. Stores on Pearl St. and in north Boulder during the 1940s. View DVD, transcript, and supplementary material at … Continue reading

Rhyno, Lulu – OH0170
Interview Date: 1975

People: Lulu Rhyno.   Places: Boulder, Jamestown.   Subjects: Cook at Sewall Hall for 22 years; Jamestown; AARP; today’s problems; Depression; hippies; senior citizen activities.  

Rhyno, Lulu – OH0260
Interview Date: 1985

Boulder: thoughts about politics, etc.; University of Colorado; teapot collection.  

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