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Richards, Iris Henwood – OH0901
Interview Date: 1997

People: Forrest Jones, Jack Tyrer, William Richards   Places: Boulder, Central City, Estes Park, Gold Hill, Wallstreet   Topics: alcoholism, “Bluebirds” from the Bluebird Lodge in Gold Hill, Central City Opera, delivering mail, English tea, grocery store, Martin Dry Goods, … Continue reading

Richert, Clark – OH1196
Interview Date: 2004

Places: Boulder   Topics: Video of and commentary about a painting, “Melancholia III”, created by Clark Richert, which was commissioned by the Boulder Public Library for the main branch of the library.  

Richmond, Lou – OH1185
Interview Date: 2004

People: Pat Palmer, Pat Brown Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant Subjects: Rocky Flats, decontamination (cleanup) after 1969 fire, security force (training, duties, drills, incidents, women on force), protestors, FBI raid, closure of plant, quality of cleanup, effect on economy, … Continue reading

Richtel, Murray – OH1659
Interview Date: 2010

In this interview Judge Murray Richtel recalls leading a group of lawyers and judges on a trip to the USSR in 1986. He remembers the subtext of that trip being for him to contact Soviet Jews and learn first hand … Continue reading

Ricketts, Elizabeth – OH0190
Interview Date: 1975

Boulder in the early 20th century   education, graduated from University of Colorado in 1901, Mary Rippon   taught at Casey Jr. High, home economics in 1912   Congregational Church   flood in early 1890s   Chautauqua in 1901   … Continue reading

Rider, Margaret Starr – OH1810
Interview Date: 2012

Margaret Rider tells of her childhood experiences with church music, and her experiences with the music program of the First Presbyterian Church of Boulder. She recounts memories of concerts, the organ selection committee, and choir experiences. She talks about the … Continue reading

Riethmayer, Leo – OH0378
Interview Date: 1988

People: Leo Riethmayer.   Places: Boulder, Gunbarrel.   Topics: University of Colorado, bureau of state and community service, bureau of government research and service, public administration, in-service training program and consultants for cities; mayor of Boulder 1955-1959; water rights; sewage … Continue reading

Riley, Anne Hylan – OH0809
Interview Date: 1996

People: Mr. Boggess   Places: Boulder   Topics: Fonda Bottling, IBM, University of Colorado, University Hill, Chautauqua, discrimination, World War II, Pow Wow, circus, Boulder Day Nursery, Naval Language School, German Department, Christmas program, courthouse fire, Depression, Boulder High School, … Continue reading

Riley, Paul E. – OH1693
Interview Date: 2010

Paul Riley discusses the two years that he attended Whittier Elementary School in the 1930s, including descriptions of his teachers, activities, and classrooms. He also talks about childhood activities outside of school, and touches on growing up during the Great … Continue reading

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