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Sackett, John – OH1294
Interview Date: 2005

Places: Boulder, Louisville   Topics: nineteenth century ideas about health, Colorado Sanitarium (later Boulder Memorial Hospital), history, Seventh Day Adventist religion at the hospital, physical and spiritual “healthy lifestyle” program, vegetarian diet at the hospital, history of Boulder Community Hospital, … Continue reading

Safran, William and Marian – OH1959
Interview Date: 2 May 2014

This interview begins with Bill and Marian Safran telling about their childhood years. Bill was born in Germany in 1930, into a Modern Orthodox Jewish family. As a result, he grew up in the shadow of Nazi anti-Jewish policies and … Continue reading

Saiz, Fred – OH0616
Interview Date: 1992

Places: Boulder, The Hill.   Topics: CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), barber, Little League, hunting, fishing, cost of home.  

Salazar, Edwina OH – 1854
Interview Date: July 10, 2013

Edwina Salazar is the executive director of the OUR Center in Longmont, Colorado. She was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1948. Her father’s family, originally of Jewish origin, was from Northern New Mexico but had moved to the San Luis … Continue reading

Salzman, Jason – OH1510
Interview Date: 1999

Jason Salzman began working on the Greenpeace campaign against Rocky Flats in August 1989, shortly after the FBI raid and before the plant was closed for safety violations. As an activist, he used creative PR tactics to ensure that Rocky … Continue reading

Sampson, Joanna F. – OH1096
Interview Date: 2002

People:  Albert McHevick, Arthur Lakes, Brett Wheeler, Don Dimico, Frank McHevick Jr., Harold DeBaker, Joe Janicke, Joseph Gabriella, Paul Sibley, Todd Hunter   Places: Boulder County, Foxtown, Marshall   Subjects: City of Boulder Open Space, City of Boulder Landfill, coal … Continue reading

Sampson, Joanna F. – OH0921
Interview Date: 1998

People: John Sampson (husband, chemist at Rocky Flats), John Fielder   Places: Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, Marshall, residence at 5743 Marshall Drive in Boulder   Topics: perspective on Rocky Flats employment by wife of employee (impact of high security … Continue reading

Sampson, Joanna F. – OH0937
Interview Date: 1989

People: Henry Amicarella, Jerry Armstrong, Mr. Dunn, Joseph Gabriella, Joe Hill, Richard Meyer Hill, David Skaggs, Ernie Zarini   Places: Columbine Mine (Erie, Colorado), Marshall (Colorado), Marshall Mesa Open Space, Sioux Rosebud Indian Reservation (Winner, South Dakota)   Subjects: Marshall … Continue reading

Sampson, Joanna F. – OH1762
Interview Date: 2011

Joanna Sampson, well known for her research on Marshall, Colorado, and coal mining, talks about her family history, western history in general, and coal mining history in particular. A long-time resident of Marshall, she talks about the areas’s residents, the … Continue reading

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